29 June, 2006

Good Ideas for Thursday

So today I've got lots of things to do and of course, lots of projects and good ideas (or "good things" as Martha would say) are popping into my head to distract me. That reminds me, I need to go take my ADD medication. Anyhow, I dropped the dog off at the Vet for what is sure to be yet another 600 dollar DAY, then dropped the little guys off at summer camp until 2, then headed over to Mr. Monograms office to drop off his laptop that he forgot at home, then on to Home Depot where I purchased a few more plants and flowers for the back deck. Quite a morning and it's just now 10am. SO now I'm home and desperately need to clean my neglected house (i could probably knit a sweater from all teh dog hair in the corners). But onto my projects for today... There's the planting of course, and then picking up the monogrammed pillow shams for my 4-yr old's bedroom, helping my friend Alyson come up w/ creative decorative ideas for her son Drew's "big boy room", helping my friend Ashley find cute drawer and cabinet liner (yes, this is apparently very important to her), finding a new cute collar for my preppy puppy, and then painting my shoes. That's right, I said painting my shoes. I have been wanting a pair of painted Dr. Scholl's since forever it seems, and after stumbling upon a cute black pair on sale (unpainted), I couldn't resist and had to buyt them. So after much debate I decided to do a lobster them. Cute, right?! You can see what I'm going for on the right. Well I think so but we'll just have to wait and see. Pictures to come later. Meanwhile, the dust pan and broom are calling me and I can't keep saying "no." One of my reluctant duties as a SAHM. So off I go.

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Alyson said...

You are doing a great job with your new blog!! I LOVE it!!!