29 June, 2006

HEY! It's dark in here!

I realized yesterday, when I told my friend I had started a blog, that I was in fact, a "closet blogger." Does that term even exist or did I just make that up? Well I've never heard it so I'm going to claim it. And my definition of a "closet blogger" is someone who blogs without anyone else knowing it. So today I will let a few people in on my sneaky little secret. Again, I point my finger back to Alyson if this whole thing goes awry (she has, in case you are curious, accepted this responsibility). Last night when I told Mr. Monogram that I started a blog, after trying to explain to my non-technology savy husband for 10 minutes exactly what a blog was, he replied, "so you just type random stuff online and pretend that you are talking to adults and getting adult interaction?" Well, yeah, I guess so! Maybe he's right. Maybe I subconsiously see this as a way for me to get some adult interaction and give me a much needed break from my world of Thomas the Tank Engine and changing diapers and wiping rear ends all day. I never thought of it like that! So today is the day I open the closet to my blog and invite a few people in.
Well the little ones and I are off to the pool around 10 this morning and we have invited friends to come join us so that should be fun. Usually we pack up lunch and stay until just after one and get back just in time for naptime (which is 1:30 at our house). I've considered doing what my favorite blogger does and put up a "What's in my Beach Bag" list. But then again, does anyone really care what's in my beach bag? Stay tuned for that,whether you care or not, and it will most definitely include the adorable Baby Reef flip flips that arrived yesterday for my littlest guy that my sister sent me from CA. Sadly, no projects planned for today, but I am MOST excited about wearing my newly monogrammed grassy-green polo shirt paired with khaki bermuda shorts to dinner this eve with Mr. Monogram and the kids. I'm sure you're very excited. I do have a few Martha-esque projects on the horizon to prepare for our 2nd Annual 4th of July Party which I will get into later. So until later, we're off to buy sunscreen because you know, it's a little bright when you step out of the blogging closet!