30 June, 2006

O.C.D. Anyone?

One thing I left off my "100 Things About Me" list is that I happen to be a compulsive list maker. You'd think I would remember that about myself as I was actually making a list of things about myself, but apparently not. So this afternoon while the mini monograms were taking their naps, I started making my current "to do" list. Although truthfully, it should be one long continuously running list because I never seem to get to the end of it. But anyway, this weekend the Mr. and I have loads to do to prepare for our party on the Fourth. Here's what we've got so far:

  1. Clean all bathrooms
  2. Vacuum up and downstairs
  3. Clean guest room
  4. Change sheets in guest room and Master
  5. Grocery store for party shopping
  6. Decorations for Fourth
  7. Paint galvanized tins (I'll go into this project this weekend)
  8. Trim front hedges
  9. trim back hedges
  10. Pull all weeds in back
  11. Clean out sandbox
  12. New sand for sandbox and sand table
  13. Buy fireworks
  14. Buy bas for umbrella
  15. Cut backyard grass (since yard guy Tom never came this week)
  16. Buy mom birthday gift
  17. Finish painting shoes!

Now all my weekend list needs is some cute paper to be jotted down on and naturally, I've got the perfect paper! One of my absolute favorite staionary sites is the Lemontree Paperie. I am addicted, I admit it. I love everything about this site from the fabulous colors to the simple layout. It's really a no-brainer, and they have a fantastic selection of note pads that have Monogram Momma's name ALL OVER them! For starters, I love the preppy alligator by Boatman Gellar (they do the greatest childrens stationary and note pads too BTW), and then there is the sweet blue and brown monogram wreath and you know I have to have the pink and green monogrammed notepad by Stacy Claire Boyd too! One final notepad that I think is a must have to feed my obsessive list-making thirst, is the preppy stripe pad by Fountain Maury. Ooo La La if I do say so myself! That one comes from another one of my favorite stationary sites, Luxe Stationary. Being such a huge fanatic about stationary, I will admit I've got a nice long list of great stationary sites that I go to for various things. However, I just happen to prefer these two in particular for their great notepads. Perhaps on another day when I've got lots of thank you notes to write, I'll address my favorite spots for notecards. In the mean time, I'd better get back to the mini monograms and start working on a few things on my list.


clipper829 said...

I have those alligator notepads, calling cards, and return address envelope stickers from Boatman Geller! They're so fun. Most of the formal-ish stationery I get is from Crane's (plain and basic), but I just love the fun stuff from Lemontree Paperie!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Boatman Geller stationery and notepads.