28 June, 2006

100 Things About Me

So here's the deal. Why is it that ever blogger has a "100 Things About Me" list? And have you ever tried to do one? I challenge you to try! It's actually pretty interesting to see what you're fingers seem to just type by themselves and you come up with this stream of consciousness. I'm sure some of this stuff I should be keeping to myself (as I have for most of my life!), but what the heck. This is my blog and I can do what I want! If nothing else, I'm an honest person.

1. I was born in Atlanta, Ga at Northside hospital.
2. Both of my children were born at the same hospital.
3. I’m Italian but was born and raised in the south.
4. My husband is also Italian
5. Italy is my favorite country to travel too.
6. I am happiest when I am vacationing on St. George Island.
7. I was a member of the Atlanta Junior League for many years (until we moved).
8. I’m Catholic.
9. My children were christened at the same church and by the same Priest who baptized me at birth, gave me my First Holy Communion, and also Married my husband and I.
10. I went to a prestigious prep school in Atlanta starting in lower school and going all the way through high school.
11. I have had the same group of friends for the past 22 years. We were all sent to the same prep school at the same time and are just as involved in each others lives today as when we were kids. I am very lucky to have a great group of people I can count on that I have such a history with.
12. I love to sing; It makes me insanely happy.
13. I love Billy Joel.
14. I played the piano growing up and wish I still did.
15. I secretly wish I could play the piano like Billy Joel.
16. I started playing Suzuki Violin at the age of 3 and HATED it for the 9 years my parents forced me to play it.
17. I grew up playing tennis my whole life.
18. My first dates with my husband were playing tennis on our College Courts around 10pm at night and I left him there to walk home on several occasions when he ticked me off.
19. I am the youngest of 3 girls.
20. My favorite colors are pink and green.
21. I love stationery and can NEVER have enough.
22. I love to wear my pearls.
23. I always write thank-you notes.
24. I hate to be late. I think it is a sign of rudeness.
25. I graduated from Auburn University, one year early, with a BA in Psychology in 1997.
26. My husband and I are College Sweethearts.
27. My husband is 2 years older than I am (which I frequently remind him).
28. I am a stay at home mom to 2 little boys, aged 6 and 4 ½
29. I was told by one of the Country’s top fertility specialists that I needed to have a hysterectomy at the age of 19.
30. My oldest is a fertility baby.
31. My children look nothing alike.
32. I recently lost the love of my life, my 12 yr old Chocolate Labrador Retriever who was a Christmas gift to me from my husband our 1st Christmas together (dating). I ADORED her in a slightly obsessive way and her loss has been like losing a child to me.
33. I am a very moody person.
34. I am a very loyal friend.
35. I love to sew and craft.
36. I detest lying and people who lie.
37. I am a thoughtful gift-giver.
38. I love taking my children’s photographs, especially when they have no idea that I’m doing it.
39. I have always been more expressive in writing than I am verbally.
40. I have been taking anti-depressants since I was 15 for a chemical imbalance.
41. I secretly love listening and singing along to my kids music (Dan Zanes, Laurie Berknar,etc.). 42. I am intent on raising thoughtful and polite little boys who know that you are supposed to pick up after yourself and put down BOTH toilet seats.
43. I am so afraid of not remembering every single detail of my boy’s childhoods that I overcompensate by taking too many pictures.
44. I don’t like to sweat.
45. I love flip-flops!
46. I love anything with grosgrain ribbon.
47. I really want to learn how to make a perfectly smooth fondant icing.
48. I want to be Martha Stewart
49. My husband bought me a beautiful new chocolate lab puppy after the loss of our first girl but I can't help but compare her in every way to my first preppy puppy.
50. I believe in stem cell research.
51. I think insurance should cover infertility.
52. I suffered from Anorexia and Bulimia for most of my teen years and relapsed again in College.
53. I weighed 78 lbs entering my first outpatient rehab program the summer of ’93. That was the last time I ever looked at a scale again to this day.
54. I love ambiance roses, pink tulips, and hydrangea’s.
55. I prefer container gardening because I don’t like weeds.
56. I am a registered Republican.
57. I went to Prom 3 times and my favorite dress was the white beaded one.
58. I drive a loaded '05 Chevrolet Suburban, LT in black.
59. My first car was a dark green Ford Explorer.
60. I was once on academic probation in College for my grades because I was apparently having too much fun.
61. The only class I ever failed and had to re-take was American history (in college of course). I passed with a “D” when I re-took it.
62. I am terrible at Math.
63. I am somewhat of an etiquette snob.
64. I always excelled in English.
65. I love to read.
66. My two favorite movies are “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “My Blue Heaven”.
67. I don’t like to watch movies with animals because I’m afraid of something bad happening to them.
68. I never realized how sheltered I was until I went to College. But I think that’s a good thing in retrospect.
69. I believe in private education.
70. My oldest is attending kindergarten at a private school
71. I have unknowingly had my drivers license revoked.
72. The first time I took the Alabama state written drivers exam (to become an in-state resident), I failed it.
73. I will monogram anything and everything.
74. My dad is still my hero.
75. I stole the street sign at the blinking red light at Johnson Ferry Rd and Glenridge Dr. in Sandy Springs. Sorry.
76. The first house my husband and I ever owned was a 100 yr old historic home that we completely gutted and restored.
77. I will never gut and re-store another historic home in my life.
78. My fondest childhood summer memories are that of riding my bike to the pool w/ my friends and staying there sun-up to sun down, waiting for the ice cream man to come and ring the bell so we could get Snow Cones or Bomb Pops. Then later our parents would show up with coolers and dinner and they’d play tennis before jumping in the pool with us after their match.
79. My favorite gift my husband ever gave me was a card he made for me in college that he knocked on my window one night to hand-deliver.
80. I am a pack-rat (however, an organized pack-rat at least).
81. I am not a big fan of boats since getting sea sick on a deep sea fishing trip off Amelia Island with Kristi and her dad when we were in middle school.
82. I can not balance my check book, even if my life depended on it
83. I love to play board games, especially Scrabble and Pictionary.
84. I don’t like Chocolate, although I will eat brownies and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. Go figure.
85. I know every character and storyline from every CBS Daytime Soap Opera for the past 27 years (since I was 5!).
86. If I were to have a uniform for life, it would consist of pink, green, khaki, dark denimn and white. Throw on a headband and a pair of flip-flops and I'm good to go.
87. I can never get enough celebrity gossip. I Love it!
88. When I was a freshman in College my middle sister borrowed a denim shirt of mine without asking when I was home one weekend. I know this because she accidentally left her Alabama state drivers license in the pocket and I never told her I found it and kept the ID for myself (as payback of course) and she just thought she’d lost her license and had to go get a new one. Oops. (But that license bought me a lot of beer so thanks!)
89. I don’t like coffee. I am a tea drinker (especially Chai tea).
90. I used to train drug dogs for the Institute for Biological Detection Systems (“IBDS”), which is an FDA run program.
91. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a vet. And then my dog Junior got hit by a car and I changed my mind.
92. My favorite food is a Filet Mignon, medium.
93. I can’t drink red wine because I’m allergic to it. One glass gets me very drunk and sick, and my entire face turns beet red.
94. I am afraid of fire since my next door neighbor’s house burned to the ground when I was in 6th grade and the kids got stuck inside and I watched it all from my bedroom window like a bad dream.
95. I have A.D.D.
96. I love Coke-Cola and can’t stand Pepsi.
97. I hate driving at night because I’m blind as a bat. You can absolutely forget it if it’s raining at night too.
98. When I’m sick, I still want my mom to take care of me and lay in the bed with me.
99. I will only wear cotton underwear.
100. The one book I can’t live without is my “Cranes Blue Book of Stationery: Tiffany Edition”.


CawfeeGuy said...

don't sell yourself short. that was truly fascinating. especially for those of us who'd rather read someone's blog rather than work.
thanks for the 20 minute diversion!

Monogram Momma said...

LOL! You are quick! thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

As one of those friends from back in the day- I absolutely LOVED reading this and look forward to checking on this everyday! Keep the creative ideas coming :)

Carol said...

Yep- I always knew you were crazy and number 84. "I don’t like Chocolate" proves it :)

Great idea! Love the blog!!!

spymum said...

Very cheeky of me to comment on your list, but as I ran down it, some of them were really touching. #9 and 11 - how lucky you are! Had I remained in Barbados maybe it would have been the same for me. #12, 13, 14, 24, 31, 33, 34, 36 (actually most of these) ditto!! And chocolate labs are the cutest ones! #52, 53 make me sad, :-( please always stay well now - had brief problem when I was 17. #67 - I am the same with movies that have children, after having my two boys. #69 agree, #77 doing that now (must be mad!), I hate driving on wet glarey roads at night, and #87 is my guilty secret! But your best one is #99, which made me laugh out loud!!! Cotton knicker wearers unite!!

Your blog is fab!

The Silken Thread said...

Wow. You are quite amazing, and we definitely have a few things in common! I went to Emory undergrad and LOVED it! I do miss Atlanta. Therefore I only drink Coca-Cola, never Pepsi. I'm in VA now and started my own monogramming business - check out my website www.thesilkenthread.com - I'd be interested in giving your readers a 10% discount at my on-line store if they put "MONOGRAM MOMMA" in the comments field at check-out. You can reach me at thesilkenthread@yahoo.com

Snake Nation said...

Hi there. I found your blog through Bossy Bar Wife, and really enjoy it. I have linked to you, and hope that's OK - if not, please let me know!

Stephanie said...

This is an awesome sight. Found
while looking for Pappagallo's purses. I had so many of the monogrammed covers. Now I want to get this for my five year old daughter. She is just doted on. How can you not when she such a beautiful little Italian girl?

The custom stamp and stationary by Three Designing WQomen is the coolest. I am ordering for me, but also as gifts. Same thing with the Amy Sedaris book. Too bad I just saw your blog. That would have been a perfect Christmas gift for some couples I know.

I've added you to my favorites and will check back often to share your excitement at your fabulous finds!

Shauna Leigh said...

I never thought anyone could be more like me in the weirdest ways but you are...
2) Pisces
3) Played Tennis all my life
4) Allergic to Red Wine
5) Drivers Liscence revoked and didnt know about it.
6) A.D.D
7) Registered Republican but believe in Stem Cell Research
8) Monogram might as well be my middle name.
9) Born and Raised in the Southeast...GO SEC (I hate the superbowl too)
10) And this is not a big deal but I probably wear pink and green 6 of 7 days a week. SAD!

Thats crazy! I found you from Pink and Green Girls site, I found her from Suburban Cupcake and learned about that from Preppy Cafe. I miss Preppy Cafe but I think you will be my replacement. Such great timing!

The Promoted Princess said...

This was so much fun to read.

Debbie said...

I am so with you on #51.

The Invitation Maven said...

I am becoming addicted to reading your blog. I also love Whitney English stationery and was so stationery obsessed that I started a business.... Always Invited that sells Whitney English along with many other awesome stationery designers. Have you seen all of the new Whitney English designs for 2008? If not, go check them out at www.alwaysinvited.com and I'm pretty sure you'll like what you see.
One place we differ significantly is the whole chocolate thing... I love it!

allison said...

I knew you were an Auburn girl when I saw this! I'm going to start reading your blog and telling my friends to, as well!

War Eagle!
Allison Adams
Alum '05

Tash said...

Crap. I have a lot in common with you! My hubs has his same friends from age 5, and I love it. I am a recovering coke addict and recovering food snob. I hate people that are late, it is rude and self centered, but I happened to marry in to that type of family. After checking out all the preppie blog links around here I laughed as I was wearing a bright green sweater, white skirt and pink argyle tights to church yesterday, because I don't really consider myself preppie, but I was in h.s. But I like all your stuff. Kudos!

Tash said...

p.s. Oh yeah I have had my driver's license revoked without knowing it and I can't balance my check book, either.
Plus I love tennis more than life itself!

Kiki said...

OMG, you sound just like me! How great to find someone else out there like this!

Mari' said...

That was incredibly interesting. I'm taking your challenge to write 100 things about me.