14 August, 2009

Boat Drinks

We are packing up and heading out to the lake with some friends for our last horrah with all the kids before school starts back next Thursday. Fingers crossed we'll have great weather!

All the food has already been prepared and packed up by one of the families coming along, so all the rest of us have to do is bring our kids, our stuff, and drinks for our families. Mr. Monogram and I have packed all the necessities we need to enjoy Arnold Palmer's all weekend (a preppy classic, as you know), and alcoholic Arnold Palmer's mean 3 things: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemonade, and lots of ice. Oops! Can't forget my Tervis Tumblers!

Have a great weekend, everyone and I'll see you on Monday when I'll have a NOT TO BE MISSED product review for you by none other than the Mini Monograms.


Amber Lee said...

A Tervis Tumbler story: One of my aunts bought Matthew a tervis tumbler as part of his Christmas gift. We had no clue what it was - it just looked like some ugly, thick, plastic cup. So like any person in that situation he said "Um, thank you!" Fast forward to May when Matthew's mother is helping him pack to move into the new apartment and she gets all excited about this ugly, thick plastic cup that's been sitting in the same place for 5 months.
Whoda known!?

short southern momma said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! Hope y'all have a blast!! = )

Monogram Momma said...

Thank you, SSM! It was fantastic!!