09 June, 2009

Book Club: The Last Lecture

photo: Amazon.com

If you follow me on Twitter, you may or may not have read a tweet when I said I refused to read The Last Lecture. Well, I stood by that tweet and didn't read last month's book club pick. I know, I know. And if one more person tells me "it's the best book ever," I kid you not, I will probably go "Jackie Chan" on them.

Actually, to be perfectly honest with you all, I did read the first 10 pages of this book. And what ended up happening was what I knew would happen in the first place. I cried. For 10 pages. Sobbing. Can you hear the sound of me slamming the book closed, now?

You see, I tend to live life in a little bubble. Not always practical, but when it comes to subject such as losing my husband or children, I can't bear the thought of it. I know the rest of you are the same, but I for those 10 pages I read, all I kept thinking about was what my children and I would do or feel if we were faced with such a horrible prognosis of Mr. Monogram. I simply couldn't separate myself from the wife in the book. I'm not always like this, but for some reason, certain books do this to me and it's mainly books having to do with a critical illness/death of a parent and/or child. So, while I did not read this book and yes, I am quite aware that it is a fantastic book and I am happy that so many of you have read it, loved it, and gotten so much out of it, I will remain in my little bubble.


Torch Lake Prep said...

ditto for me. never read "Lonely Bones" for the same reason.

Imjustagirl said...

I read the book and sobbed but truly felt it to be life changing. To have that kind of out look was absolutely amazing! I understand where you are coming from as I sobbed out loud in the movie theater like it was my dad dying during the movie "dad" years ago. I am sure people thought I had lost it. I finally just walked out of the movie!

Mom x 2 said...

I feel EXACTLY like you. And it was the book for book club, so I begrudgingly read it. I agree. Too heartbreaking - I bawled nearly every time I read it. I was glad it was a quick read. I didn't even want to go to book club and discuss it. My fear of death and/or losing my husband is so great, those types of books only make me feel it worse.

Keep your resolve...skip it.

Monogram Momma said...

WHEW! I am SO, SO glad to know I am not the only one!

Midwest Nest said...

Better not go see the upcoming movie "My Sister's Keeper". I already cried in the previews.

Lisa said...

I am the same way. I even stopped watching the news, because the stories are too upsetting. I somehow need up knowing what is happening in the world, either through reading or people talking about stories. I just prefer to dwell on happy things.