05 December, 2008

Candy Garland

What will the Monogram's be doing this evening? Well that is simple... working on our fun tree for the playroom! If you'll remember from last year, we had the best time making every single ornament for this tree. It's casual and quirky and doused in lots of faux snow and old fashioned tinsel to boot.

Last year I tried, with no success I might add, to make a marshmallow garland. I really thought it would work. Let me tell you guys, all I ended up with was a whole lot of yuck and marshmallow fluff. But since every ornament on this tree is made by the boys and I, and I my intent is for us to add to it ever year, tonight we will be making peppermint garland. I'll show you ours next week, and you can bet it will be a little more pink and green than red and white!

You Will Need
-Wrapped Candies or peppermints of some kind
-small pieces of ribbon (psst! Have some fun and go crazy! Use multiple colors of ribbon!)

-take two pieces of wrapped candy and put an end to an end where they are overlapping
-secure them together with a piece of ribbon
-keep repeating until you reach your desired length!


TCP said...

Now this is the kind of craft I may actually be able to do myself! Cute idea!

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Sounds like a fun project. The links do not work for SWAG in the post below. Just wanted to let you know.