27 October, 2008

Scared Stiff

I realize I've fallen down on my "job" (ha!) of sharing some great creative and festive Halloween ideas with you this time of year. I came across something adorable though, that I'm considering doing with mini #2 today. If you know someone who has an October birthday or just recently moved, these would make a great gift. You can even take these to a whole other level by making them as big as you want for a fabulous entryway statement.

You Will Need
-12-inch-long plastic foam cone
-4-inch-diameter plastic foam ball
-Masking tape
-Plastic wrap
-White fabric
-Fabric stiffener (available at crafts stores)
-Plastic bag
-Purple, green, and black fabric or craft pens

1. Assemble a form for the ghost. Attach the foam ball to the top of the cone with a short straight twig. Use masking tape to fasten several twigs together to make arms, then insert the arms as desired into the sides of the cone. Cover the entire shape with plastic wrap.

2. Cut a piece of white fabric into a square or a circle. Make sure the fabric is large enough to fully cover the form with some extra for draping.

3. Pour 1 cup of fabric stiffener into the plastic bag. Place the fabric piece in the bag. (Photo 1) Squeeze the bag repeatedly to soak the fabric with stiffener. Add more stiffener to the bag, if necessary.

4. Remove the fabric from the bag. Lay it out on a flat surface that's covered with waxed paper. Press it with the heel of your hand to reshape the fabric so it will be easy to drape over the form.

5. Place the fabric over the form. Drape it to shape a ghost. Keep some of the fabric along the base so the ghost will stand by itself when it's removed from the form. (Photo 2) Let the fabric dry.

6. Paint on eyes, eyebrows, and a mouth. Remove the ghost from the form. Reuse the form to make more ghosts.

source: bhg