30 July, 2008

Frou Frou Tu-Tu's

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but Mini #2 is quite the charmer. With his big brown eyes, long dark eyelashes, and coffee bean skin (really the boy gets darker than all of us combined and it just makes no sense whatsoever), he really gets to the ladies. Especially the little ladies that are just his size. And it just so happened that one of his little girlfriends turned 4 on Monday. I have known what I wanted to get her for quite some time, but what with all the family in town and me being crazy busy around here, I completely ran out of time to order what I wanted to for her. Don't you just hate when that happens?

Never fear, Monogram Momma is here! I was determined to somehow figure out how to make what it is that I wanted to buy her. I mean, what little girl wouldn't love a big pouffy frou-frouey tu tu? The correct Answer is: there isn't possibly a little girl on earth who would not want a big pouffy frou-frouey tu tu.

You Will Need
-1/4" elastic
-approx. 8 total yards of tulle (I used 2 yards of 4 different colors. You can use much less but remember that the more tulle you use, the pouffier it will be)


1) To start out, wrap the elastic around the child’s waist and cut it where edges just meet. Overlap the elastic approximately 1-inch over the other side and
run a quick stitch (machine or hand) to securly fasten the edges. You now have your waistband.

2) Keeping the tulle folded in half, cut equal strips about 4-5" wide. Then once you have all your strips cut, open them up to the full width and cut them in half (on the fold where it was just previously folded in half).

3) Next, get a piece of each color of tulle (for me that was 4 pieces of tulle) and put them all together then loop around the elastic waist as my poorly drawn photo shows here. Note: I found it was much easier and quicker to put the eastic waistband on mini #2 and use him as a dress form and attach my tulle that way (and I have to give him props for being a really good sport while his brother called him a "girly princess" for being my helper).

3) This is what the waist will look like when they're all tied on there. Make sure each section of gathered/tied tulle is put very close to the next so the white waistband stays completely hidden.

Here is my finished product, being modeled by a very handsome young man, which turned out so, so adorable. I decided to add a big pretty gerber daisy to the back (which I just tied on through the center of the flower) that really finished off the entire tu-tu (ignore the green string.. I forgot to cut that before taking the photo's.) And to top if off, mini #2 is so excited that he actually helped me make his friends gift so it really will come from him when he gives it to her.

Now, if you love these tu-tu's but don't want to make one yourself, then go visit Hannah's Tutu's and you'll find exactly what you're looking for and more. I found a lot of tutu makers out there, but I really love these tutu's because they are the best product for the price. You will not find a tutu this full for this price anywhere else. Sure, you can find them less expensive, but they won't be anywhere near the fullness, nor will you have all the options you will get from Hannah's Tutu's. Truly, go check these out and they will inspire you!


Mel said...

This really is a popular gift I like to give to little girls, and I've made several for my daughter as well. Something that makes it easier, I've found, is go to the wedding supply section of your craft store, and there you will find rolls of prepackaged tulle, approx. 6"x25 yds. The width is perfect for tutu strips, so you just need to cut the length of the strips. They usually have quite a selection of colors as well. I usually use two packages,resulting in a VERY Poufy tutu. And at about $2.88 or so per roll, it is inexpensive too. I haven't ever done the flower though. I will definitely try that on my next one!! Everyone should try one, because they are so much nicer for dress up and Halloween costumes than most of that store bought stuff. Thanks for sharing!

J said...


Is it strange that I wish I had one? My mom made me tutus when I was little but they were much more ordinary!

Mom x 2 said...

You inspire me! I'm SO not crafty but maybe I could attempt this my niece, who will be 3 in February. If I start now, perhaps I'll have one done by then!

TCP said...

That is so adorable! I love having a boy, but I read things like this and just itch to have a little girl to dress up!

Monogram Momma said...

tcp: this is why I make these things for their little friends! Just think, you don't have a wedding to pay for!

Mel: I had that exact thought when I was making this but they didn't have all the colors I wanted. If I do this with less vibrant colors next time I will definitely go that route and save myself the cutting time!

HouseMouse said...

Hey MM, I just re-discovered your blog after months away--and this is the cutest project ever! My little girl is almost 15 months old, and I am going to start looking for the tulle colors I want for hers. Thanks!!

suburban prep said...

Oh my friend in LA so needs to do this for her daughters.

Deborah said...

Thanks so much for posting this lovely tutu. I imagine it would be so much more comfortable for than the store bought tutu's (they usually have itchy waistbands. How many bunches of tulle did you use for the tutu. I found a great source for the 6 inch tulle on a roll for $1.89 a 25 yard roll. Just google tulle and you will find sources with lots and lots of colors.

Thanks so much for the great idea. I'm going to make them as party favors for my soon to be 3 year olds birthday party.

HannahsTutuMakingMamma said...

Hi - Thanks for the compliments on Hannah's Tutus I do mine a little different than the instructions but most of the different techniques will get a similar look, just watch out for scratchy tulle (commonly found at local craft stores) or bolts that the tulle tears easy .. great job on the tutu - I never advertise it but I actually sell tulle for $2 a roll plus excat ship to people wanting to try their own tutu making, its hard if you just want to try out to buy the nice quality and color selection from the suppliers without being hit with a min order fee and higher shipping!

Susan said...

If I use the 6" tulle strips, how long do I cut them?

Mom x 2 said...

MM - I have just bought all the supplies to make this. How long should the strips of tulle be? I need to cut them 4-5" wide, but how long? Thanks for any insight. If I successfully make one, I'll post it on my blog and credit you!