23 April, 2008

TV Talk: Real Housewives of New York (otherwise referred to as RHNY)

Ya'll know I love my tv time, and the never ending writers strike really put a cramp in my weekly tv watching schedule. Why we're still being punished for that stupid strike and only have bits and pieces of certain shows is beyond me. However, I am looking forward to finally seeing some Grey's Anatomy this week (does anyone know what happened to Private Practice???). Anyhoo, the last couple months I managed to hook myself on the Real Housewives of New York. Already having been a huge fan of Real Housewives of Orange County, I needed to check these *ladies* out (I use that term very loosely because it really only applies to LuAnn and Jill at best). They aren't near as likable as the Orange County housewives, but interesting nonetheless.

Did any of you guys see the season Q&A wrap up last night? Wow. That was something! I don't know which part I loved better... The part where Alex (and Simon!!) tried to convince everyone (without success might I add) that they are in fact not the social climbers they portray themselves to be. Or the part where Ramona tried explaining what "class" was. Talk about someone who has NO CLASS whatsoever. That woman would be eaten alive in the South and last all of an hour. But back to Alex and Simon. I can only assume based on the shambles of a house and lack of decor, the horrible behavior of her children, their constant mention of [desperately] trying to move up the social ladder, etc. that these two are living so far beyond their means that it's sad. The really sad part is that if Alex would just be herself-her real self-she would probably be likable.

Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. Someone please tell me this woman won't be back for season 2. I feel so sorry for her daughter. Yes, we all remember being embarrassed by our mothers at that age, but this is a smart girl. And she is 100% right in telling her mom that she doesn't dress appropriately. I can't even get into how inappropriate Ramona's behavior was throughout the entire season, and that she lacks in some serious class and decorum. Too bad because her husband and daughter seem very nice and normal.

LuAnn & Jill I actually like. I was really turned off by Jill the first few episodes, but I actually like her now. LuAnn does seem a little high and mighty at times and I agree with her housekeeper Rosie that she should listen to her children's pleas to stay home more. I mean, would it really kill her to stay home for taco night once in a while?

Last but not least is Bethany. Why she is considered a "housewife" is something I have yet to understand. She isn't married and spent the entire season complaining about the fact that she wasn't married and that her biological clock was ticking. Her boyfriend seems very nice and quiet, although from what I've read he wasn't supposed to be a big regular on the show. Poor guy, now he's lost his job over it, although I'm assuming he now has more time to spend with Bethanny.

Anyway, that's my two cents on the group. I am intrigued by this group but I have to say I spend more time laughing at them than anything else. Oh! One more thing...I thought someone wasn't going to be returning for season 2 but I didn't hear that mentioned last night. Does anyone know anything about that?

Okay, I'm off for the day. Mini #2 and I have a busy morning and a lunch date with friends. Then we've got to come home for the Air Conditioning service company to come out this afternoon to look at our second system for the upstairs which is acting up. Make sure you guys tune in to MM as I'll be doing a giveaway from one of my favorite online shops either tomorrow or Friday. Have a great day!


KK said...

Most of the new shows of this year (like Private Practice) that were renewed will come back in the fall. For some reason they decided not to bring them back for a few episodes this spring.

RHNY killed me. Those women really are something else.

a. said...

I just posted on this as well! Great show last night :-)

Kara said...

I think Private Practice is coming back sometime in May. It was a couple weeks later than Greys Anatomy but supposedly Addison is going to make a guest appearance on Greys. I love RHNY! Totally agree with you about all of the women, I have to catch a rerun of the reunion show, I'm bummed that I missed it. I think there's something more real about the New York housewives than the OC ones - like LuAnn telling everyone about the lice outbreak at her house. Glad you're back from your break!

Lauren said...

I completely agree with you on RHNY. I could not believe some of the stuff that went on with Alex and Ramona. I have never in my life known someone more co-dependant than Alex and her husband.

Did you hear there might be a RH of New Jersey?? Can you imagine!

Enjoy your week! I have enjoyed reading since you came back from hiatus.

Tara said...

I couldn't believe Ramona's behavior...and then walking off the set when it was brought up that Alex posed nude? Total lack of class. On both Ramona's and Alex's parts.

Alex and her husband are total social climbers. Their kids are bratty, their house is a wreck and all they cared about was how much they spent on their clothes. She's also WAY too dependent on him.

LOVED Bethenny and Jill. Luann did come off as high and mighty but I guess that comes with being a countess.

Where did you hear Jason lost his job? That's unfortunate.

Hillcrest Acres said...

I agree with your comments on RHNY. Alex needs a reality check and a new hair style (she is far from being a socialite), Ramona need to take a class on getting some "class" and needs to be on "What Not to Wear" , LuAnn seems nice but a little "snobby" and needs to skip a few social obligations to spend quality time with her children (I happen to like tacos, maybe she should try them), and Betheny & Jill crack me up. I loved the Housewives from Orange County, New York not so much. Although, I couldn't miss an episode of it. Made all the ladies watch with me while we were away Spring Break.

Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

RHNY reunion was amazing! Those women could not be more full of themselves. But oh how I love to watch. I feel like the season was too quick and I could have kept watching! I do hope it comes back for Season 2!!

So glad you are back from your hiatus.

Elise said...

I want them to do a real housewives of the South! Ramona drives me crazy too, how she got up and left when they were talking about Alex's nude photo, when Ramona seems like one of the wildest housewives herself.

Monogram Momma said...

I totally agree with all of you. Ramona is so full of herself and ignorant in so many ways. I know a lot of people find her hysterical, but she infuriates me! She is so pathetic and is setting such a bad example for her daughter.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I actually didn't really think any of them were what I would classify as a "housewife" as they all have jobs outside the home. But that's just my opinion I guess. I still loved the show and hope season 2 has more episodes. Because I could seriously watch Jill all day. She had me in tears, laughing so hard. I liked Bethenny too actually. Well, by like I mean that I liked watching them. I could not see myself becoming friends with any of them. They just live a different life that I totally do not understand. How much did you love seeing Avery wearing pearls and a sweater telling Ramona that she dresses too young?!

a. said...

I read today in the NY Post that someone dug up more nudie photos of Alex. Ugh, she is so gross!

kristy said...

i couldn't agree more with your comments! too funny!

kristy said...

too funny, i couldn't agree more with your comments!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Just saw this last night. It was weird to see them all "live" or just talking to each other about the show and all. Watching the show you almost forget they aren't acting and are playing themselves.

I can't believe Ramona left during the nude pictures talk! AS IF she didn't embarrass herself during the shows. AS IF she has her own tasteless actions "issues." LOL.

I want more, more, more!