22 January, 2008

It's Got to be Knit-Free for Me

Hi. I’m Monogram Momma and I’m a terrible knitter. Not that I haven’t tried (and tried, and tried, and tried), but it just isn’t my forte. As my mother told me (she is a fabulous knitter), it just might be better if I stuck to some of my other crafty things that I’m really good at. I mean, how many scarves does one need that look like the country of Italy or the state of Florida? Seriously.

But I promised you some crafty posts and I know lots of you like to knit or are interested in trying. Sorry, still not gonna find that here at monogram momma’s! What you will find, however, is a this really great no-knit scarf though that I think we could all pull together on one of these cold winter days.

You Will Need
-Lots of bulky weight yarn
-a few straight pins
-a piece of foam board or thick cardboard

1) Start off by cutting 12 pieces of the yarn 1-1/2 times the length of your desired final product (I like a long scarf and Martha recommends cutting the pieces 140" to make an 86" scarf).

2) Separate your yarn into 4 bunches of 3 strands each.

3) Take two bunches and tie them together with a square knot, leaving 6 inches of fringe at the end; repeat this step with remaining bunches.

4) Pin the knots to a piece of foam board as shown here.

5) Now you want to knot the inner 2 bunches of yarn together, spacing knot about 1 inch from existing knots, then knot left and right bunches together

6) Alternate knotting the inner bunches and the left and right ones, spacing knots evenly apart, until about 6 inches of yarn remain on the end. Finish so that final knots mirror opposite end, and trim to even the ends.
credit: Martha


lisagh said...

This is such a great project! I can already see how you could "mix it up" ... maybe adding beads intermittently along the strands, or making the bunches different colors? The possibilities are endless. Thanks for the idea!

suburban prep said...

Love to knit but this is a wonderful project.

Ashley said...

Just came across your site this weekend. Love it! You sound super cute.

Quick question for you: I want to do a Wall Monogram for my daughter's nursery (she's 4 months old). I found this website called www.preppydecals.com, who claims they can do one. In their photo gallery, they show a HUGE wall monogram at The Pink Monogram Shop as an expample of their work. I noticed you have their website as one of your favorites. Can you check it out online and let me know what you think?

----> www.preppydecals.com and click on Wall Monogram

My only concern is that it will appear shiny or like plastic, which I really don't want, but I think its a really cute idea and wanted to explore it.

Much thanks,
Another monogram loving mommy in Maryland

Creative Cupcake said...

I am among the kittingly challenged so this is definitely going on my To Do list!

Head Hen said...

I did this and it was a lot of fun--very fast. I was unable to find that type of yarn though. I checked JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels. Any other suggestions?

ElleBee said...

Woo-hoo! The seventies return! I remember making macrame necklaces when i was a kid. This is a fun scarf.

Cindy said...

That looks like . . . macrame! Very cute though!

Nice to know I'm not only one out in Blogland who can't knit. :)

Monogram Momma said...

Head Hen: Check a knitting store! I think that type of yarn is called "Twinkle Yarn" so call a few knitting stores to see who has it.

Monogram Momma said...

Ashley: Thanks for stopping by! I did a large monogram on the wall of my second son's nursery which I blogged about. Check out the instructions at this link and let me know if you have any questions. Yes, I think ordering a wall monogram will make it somewhat shiny since it's not directly on the wall.


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

How clever!

little dresses said...

Hey, I just found your blog tonight. I saw a girl in a sewing shop today with one of these scarfs on, SO CUTE! She had all different color yarns, it was cute too!

Debbie said...

Oh I want to try this!! I just haven't found the time to learn to knit and this will be a great stepping stone!

Happy Mom said...

Hi! This is in reference to the WALL MONOGRAM question above- I am the owner of http://www.preppydecals.com/ and http://www.electrasmonograms.com/ I just wanted to let Ashley know that my large wall monograms are MATTE and made of very thin vinyl. They appear to be painted directly onto the wall when applied. I had to respond, because this blog is SO CUTE, has such GREAT FINDS, and it has such a HUGE following- I had to let your readers know straight from the horse's mouth. Thanks so much! Electra

Marsha said...

I was just thinking about macrame the other day! What a hoot to drop by and see this cousin-of-macrame project. I don't need a scarf myself, but I bet this technique would adapt really well to a belt.

Theresa said...

This is in reference to the WALL MONOGRAM, I ordered a wall monogram for my sons room from www.PreppyStickers.com and it is Awesome. It is not shinny at all everyone that sees it ask if i hand painted it!! She is Awesome to deal with and super fast shipping (I recieved it in 4 Days)