12 December, 2007

Pretty Packaging from Pre-Made Bows

Because I need a distraction and I saw this idea on TV and it was just too simple and cute not to pass along to you guys, I clicked over to Martha’s site so I could get the written details for you. ‘Tis the season for wrapping, wrapping, and yes, more wrapping, and as much as I would love to do beautiful elaborate Marta-esque bows on each and every gift so my tree looks like it belongs in the Rockefeller’s living room, I just don’t have it in me. Forget the fact that I have never mastered the art of fancy bow-making despite much effort on my part (If I remember correctly, Alyssa’s mom is a pro so maybe she can pass along some tips!), I do always have good intentions. But like many, my good fancy bow-making intentions end up thrown out the window as I drive to Target to pick up my big bag of pre-made holiday bows. Peel off the back, stick, and I’m done. But this year, Martha has recognized that many of us are either bow-challenged or just lazy, and come up with some adorable ways to spruce up those store bought bags of bows.

Making your bows look like Cut Flowers Taking a large store bought bow in your hand, cut each loop at an angle, as opposed to straight through the middle, as Martha is doing here. The take a slightly smaller bow, and do the same thing. Affix that smaller one to the center of the larger one w/ the adhesive backing. Then cut a matching coil of ribbon and affix that to the center of the smaller bow. The end result looks like a beautiful flower and not your standard bow in a bag.

Pom Pom Bows Honestly, these instructions are so simple and they will really make your packages stand out. Follow the above instructions for “Cut Flowers,” however leave each center loop on the bows uncut. You want to do it twice, because you will need a pair to make 1 pom pom. Stick each pair (or, each “cut flower” consisting of 2 bows.. 1 small, 1 large) together by putting the adhesive backings together, and you’ve got yourself a fluffy round pom pom for the top of your holiday packages.

Perfect Peony How beautiful is this bow? And all from a pre-made bow. Who knew?! Well, Martha, and that’s why we love her but I digress. Here’s what you do…Grab some scalloped edged scissors (you can pick up scissors with all types of fun cutting edges very inexpensively at your craft store) and snip each loop in the bow. Then just fan out each of the individual ribbons to create a prefect abstract peony bow.


Sarah M said...

I love this. I will have to go pick up a big bag of bows.

WSU Laura said...

Thank you for this post, I am a horrible wrapper and tend to just slap on the bows, this will pretty it up for me easily.

Connecticut Charm said...

Beautiful! I have not yet seen this on Martha's site. I love this idea and will certainly be trying these out!

a. said...

I know it won't replace your girl but Martha + crafts are & will be a good distraction for you. I saw her on the Today Show this morning making some adorable snow globes!