15 November, 2007

TV Talk

Well you guys all know how much I love the tube, and this writers strike better end soon or I will be pretty unhappy if I already have to subject myself to re-runs this early in the year. Anyhoo, that aside, I absolutely have to talk about some of my favorite shows and see what you guys are watching too.

Desperate Housewives I didn't watch this show one single time last season bC it really got on my nerves, but I've come back due to Brie's faux pregnancy. How funny was that circumcision storyline? HA! It looks like Susan might take a nasty fall this week so I'm hoping she doesn't lose the baby. I would love to see she and Mike have a baby.

Brothers & Sisters I just got into this a few weeks ago and it's great. I really hope Calista Flockhart's character gets pregnant again and her sister gets her kids back. I'd also love to see a love interest for Sally Field (who totally rocks, btw)!

Dancing With The Stars Can someone PLEASE tell me who the heck is voting for Marie. I am so put off that I have to watch that tart and her obnoxious toothy grin on that dance floor for yet another week, I can't even begin to tell you. She and her brother have really pimped themselves out for any news outlet that will listen to them and I'm so over it already! I mean, who goes on Oprah the day after their father dies? And now, today, she's made this public statement that her 16 year old son has entered rehab and she would like the public to respect their privacy. Um, Hello! You're not exactly Britney Spears, Marie, with the paparazzi following your every move! No one would have ever known your son was in rehab if you didn't feel the need to put yourself in the spotlight to announce it. And NOW, you know what that means? Yep, we're not only going to be forced to watch Donny and his "expert" DWTS opinion on ET, but also see him *cry* and talk about how proud he is of his nephew and this whole rehab thing. UGH.

P.S. This season has been FULL or surprises, has it not? I was so sure Jennie was going home last night and not Cameron! After all, you know how devout those soap fans are!

P.S.S. Sabrina was ROBBED and I blame MARIE and all those stupid Osmonds!

How I Met Your Mother I still love this show but still find it a little odd that A) they are making Lilly look somewhat Asian with that hideous haircut, and B) why is single Ted living with a now married Marshall & Lilly????

Dr. 90210 Yep, I'm still watching! Anyone else? I just can't seem to get enough of these Doc's, and while nothing would make me happier than to see Dr. Matlock leave the show, I am DYING for the Dr.'s Diamond to have a baby!

Notes from the Underbelly I can't WAIT for this to start up again! Rumor has it they saved the show as a mid-season filler. I'm so excited it's coming back next week!

Private Practice What's the verdict? Are you loving this spin off or not. It's really growing on me, although I am already tired of Pete's inability to commit and Amy Brennaman's character. I take that back. It's actually Amy Brenaman that I can't stand. I don't think she was a good fit for this show, although I am really dying for she and the pediatrician to get together. He is so cute! Anyway, as they said on the show, it was babypalooza last night on the show. I could have done without that, but whatever. I sure hope between last nights show and next week's, Addison will get smart and call that cute police officer from last night!

Dirty, Sexy Money I don't know how you guys feel, but I tried and couldn't get into it. Every single character on this show annoyed me.

Project Runway A. mentioned it was back on yesterday and I am SO EXCITED! It's one of my favorite shows, and I love all the creativity (and cattiness-MEOW!) this show has to offer. I will say, this season there appears to be quite a few primadonna's who are really full of themselves and going to cause quite a stir. So far I love the girl from Ralph Lauren and the guy who did the black and white halter dress w/ blue sash last night.

Grey's Anatomy Of course, I still adore this show. I heard that Joshua Jackson (Pacey from Dawson's Creek) was joining the cast and I'm thrilled! I loved him! He'll be a great addition I think. I do have to say, I am really over Meredith's inability to commit. For crying out loud, get your ass in therapy and work out your abandonment issues already! And does anyone know if Callie was fired fired or just fired from being chief resident? That was a little confusing last week. I'm not loving her character though since Addison left. I really liked their little friendship.

Big Shots HUGE fan of this show!! How cute is Dylan McDermott?!?!?!

Okay, so I guess this is pretty much it for my evening lineup. Some night's I catch Martha at 8 on Fine Living if I've missed the previous day's show, and sometimes I flip over to House Hunters on HGTV at 10pm also. I have no idea why. The houses are always ugly, the people typically make stupid choices, and it's always a re-run for some odd reason (seriously, can't you people tape any new episodes?), but what can I say? I'm hooked.


KK said...

Ohhhh, I love TV talk and agree this writer's strike is really depressing. Tonight is the last night of The Office AND Josh Jackson's Grey's arc is on hold due to the strike. Boooo. Pacey in scrubs would seriously make my heart melt.

I'm over Marie too (DWTS). Actually, I'm more over Donny trying to get as much publicity as he can from his sister being on the show. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he's on the next round. I'm loving Mel and Maks though. Maks is soooooo yummy.

I think the only new show I love this season is Gossip Girl. And finally, Friday Night Lights is by far the best show on TV (besides the office)!!!!

KK said...

ps...SO glad you are back to blogging! :)

Thimbleanna said...

Dylan McDermott is HOT! And Hello! Marie is a Mormon. The whole state of Utah along with large parts of AZ, ID and CA are all voting for her LOL!

sherri said...

I watch tons of the same shows that you do, I am sick about the writer's strike. Do you watch the Office? It is a great show and so well cast. I love all of the characters. I agree with you about Meredith on Grey's. It's getting old. The Practice isn't as captivating for me, but wow, Taye Diggs is so darned handsome. I watch 90210 religiously. Dr. Matlock is such a jerk. Also, aren't you so sick of Hailey whining?

Monogram Momma said...

I think I'll make TV talk a regular segment now. KK, I TOTALLY agree that Donny will sign on to do next season of DWTS. He is such an attention whore I can't stand it! They really need to get over themselves. Furthermore, I am boycotting "ET!" until he is no longer a "correspondant." I haven't watched Gossip Girl but hear it's good. I also hear the same about Friday Night Lights. I need to give that one a try tomorrow night.

Thimbleana: That is an understatement about Dylan McDermot! Has he gotten better looking with age or is it just me? I am sooooo hooked on his show!

Sherri: I don't watch The Office all that much. It's a little too dry for me. I know, I know, I'm probably the only person in the world to think that. It just doesn't do much for me. In my former life when I worked in the real world, I didn't work in that type of environment, so it's sorta hard for me to relate. Sometimes I'll catch a funny line or two, but overall I could really take it or leave it. Also, Dr. Matlock is a slimeball. He is so gross and sleazy and, as you said, a jerk. I don't know why he is on this show. But I hate the dermatologist from "Big Brother" they have on the show now too (Will). HAve you noticed he NEVER ONCE has had a real patient? They're always friends or family members! Hayley is bugging me. Either Robert works too much or he's home too much. She also really needs to eat something and try to discipline her kids once in a while and oh, I don't know, PUT THEM TO BED AT A DECENT HOUR??? She gets on my nerves too. I also don't understand why Robert doesn't bring in an associate to help w/ his work load so he can spend more time w/ his family. I really liked the episode he went home to Brazil to see his dad thought.

Mrs. P said...

TV...one of my favorite topics! Lilly & Marshall did move out, I think last week? I love HIMYM. Out of the new shows I love Gossip Girl, Samantha Who?, Chuck, Journeyman, Pushing Daisies, Bionic Woman, Life, Dirty Sexy Money and Big Shots. Returning shows I still love are Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, andThe Hills, Nip/Tuck, The Office and Friday Night Lights. I think you would like Friday Night Lights, give it a shot! I love this season of Ugly Betty, but Grey's is getting on my nerves. I really hope that Pacey will still come to Grey's, I was really excited about that. I watch far to much TV, but in my defense I have a lot of stuff taped on my DVR that I haven't gotten to yet. I guess that will keep me entertained if they don't come to an agreement soon in the strike! I don't watch DWTS, but Marie drives me nuts and I love Jennie Garth! I am very excited about Notes From The Underbelly and October Road coming back next week!!1

J said...

If Marie does not leave next week I will be sooooo pissed. I am sick of her annoying laugh and she is just not as good of a dancer than the others. Since Sabrina left I've been giving all my votes to Mel and Jennie. I hope they end up being the last two!

emmas said...

Hate to break the bad news, but Big Shots has been cancelled. I don't even think they'll show any more episodes. Expect that Murder Club show to take its place.


Monogram Momma said...

Oooh, Mrs. P! I knew you'd chime in on tv talk! LOL! I need to try Gossip Girl too. When is that Lipstick Jungle coming on w/ Brooke Shields? Anyone know? I was looking forward to that one. This summer I got completeld HOOKED on Army Wives but I know that is a summer show. AMAZING if you guys missed it last season. We tape a lot of stuff to our DVR but then we just watch it later that night on delay to FWD the commercials. The only thing I'll tape and stockpile is Martha and then I'll sit down and watch a bunch at one time. Ugly Betty never won me over although I really tried to get into it. I also haven't watched Samantha WHO? but my mom loves it! I think something else comes on at that time... maybe Dr. 90210 (and that is like a drug that I just can not give up!).

J, I TOTALLY agree about Marie. It's so bad that my husband and I fwd her dances and don't even watch her dances or interviews b/c we can't stand them. I'm thinking a "Boycot Marie Blog" is in need!

Emmas, don't even TELL me they cancelled Big Shots!! I thought it was getting really good ratings! I was so pissed that Womans Murder Club was on last night instead. TOtally ruined my Thursday lineup! I'm going to email ABC today.

TCP said...

We have such similar taste in tv. Are you watching Gossip Girl? If not, I highly recommend it for a guilty pleasure!

a. said...

I am actually a little disappointed in the fall season. I am not watching hardly any "new" shows. Thank God for Bravo and MTV (you know I love The Hills and Run's House!!!).

tommie said...

I am all about fluff TV, I have enough "reality" in my real life, so I watch alot of fluff! but i watch alot of the same fluff as you!

Quinn Cummings said...

Mad Men.
Mad Men.
Mad Men.
Ladies, you need to see Jon Hamm.
Mad Men.

That is all.

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

I love all of these shows except I dont watch the Dr 90210 and How I met Your mother-

I do like Dirty Sexy Money and thought I would not- so I was surprised the other way on that one-

Brothers and Sisters is my fave- I have watched it from the beginning- I love Sally Field.

So excited about PR and missed it this week-am sure its on all the time again.

Who do you want to win Dancing with the Stars?

I dont think Jenny Garth should have made it this far even though I like her.

I want to see Gossip Girl too=
I do love Ugly Betty- its so cute-
I love TV like Mrs P- My son goes to be at 7:30 and my husband travels half of the year so its my nightly thing.

Monogram Momma said...

I totally forgot about Run's House! I LOVE that show!!

suburban prep said...

I am totally a Sunday night girl with Desperate Housewives and Brother & Sisters. Last season for DH was a bit of a snore, but I think they have come back some. This writer's strike has to stop.

I also watch Private Practice and Grey's and Ghost Whisperer. I watch DWTS as well. I was really surprised when Sabrina was booted. I have to say though good-bye Helio. The constant grin is grinding on my nerves.

SnappyCasualGifts said...

TV faves:
Brothers & Sisters
2 & a half men
Dirty, Sexy Money
Project Runway
Ugly Betty
Those are the one I try to watch every week.
The E channel everyday to see what the latest gossip is in hollywood.
I do tune into DR. 90210 if I'm skipping channels.

Kimba Rimba said...

I am a huge fan of Private Practice. I too just started watching Brothers & Sisters, i caught up on ABC.com, one of my favorite shows! Rob Lowe is so dreamy on the show.

Great TV recap!