11 July, 2007

You KNOW You Need New Dishtowels Anyway (so do yourself a favor and throw out the yucky ones crammed in the drawer...I know they're there)

Despite (coughMassive) evidence to the contrary, I do understand that all my suggestions of embroidery monogramming can get a tad costly. Trust me, I do know this as my regular monogramming bill is a frequent topic of discussion in the Monogram household and has warranted its own column under my weekly budget (Seriuosly? Doesn't he have better things to bug me about than my monogramming?). So just to let you know, bearing the budget in mind and also many of you who email me telling me your monogramming tales and tribulations, I decided to spruce up some new kitchen dishtowels minus the embroidery, but very much plus the monogram.

You will Need
-flat cotton dishtowels of your choice (I chose white w/ a hint of green)
-stamp (or stamps) of your choice
-permanent inkpad that can be used for fabric
-small cotton (or muslin) remnant

1) Iron your dishtowels
2) Decide on how and where you want to put your monogram on the dishtowels
3) Put ink on your stamp, and stamp your dishtowel
4) Because you are stamping fabric, you want to push down really hard, but be careful not to actually move it around
5) wait a few minutes for the ink to dry, then take your square piece of cotton or muslin, place it over the stamped monogram you just made, and iron it (ironing it will set the ink)

Now, don’t fret if you don’t have any stamps laying around. I found this cute little “M” emblem looking stamp at Michael’s and it’s so great. I can really see myself using this for lots of different little things. It’s very, very small and looks like a coin w/ an “M” in the center so it’s right up my alley (click the picture to enlarge). I bought it separately, but you can go buy other small stamps like this either alone or in sets that come in all sorts of styles and types. They’ve even got some stamps that resemble old typewriter keys and those would look pretty fab as well.

Don’t want to get your fanny out of the chair to go to your local craft store? Then make sure you check out Paper Source’s rubber stamp selection (you know how I love this store for everything so don’t feel like you have to stop yourself at the stamps!), Addicted to Rubber Stamps (which I’m not, but whatever. And oh, btw, here’s a coupon), The Stampin’ Place, and Art Stamp Direct.


Fairfax said...

there's an old-fashioned place across from my office that will make rubber stamps from just about anything. we used them to make a stamp from a party logo we were doing, and believe me, we stamped anything that didn't move. it was about $10 to make a custom stamp!

hqm said...

What a great idea!!!! I love this idea for guest towels in the powder room, too!
I am filing this for hostess and teacher gifts!

Lady Tramaine said...

I love, love, this idea. I am going to do this project pronto!

Susan D. said...

How cute is that?! Great idea and thanks for sharing!

Mel said...

I really love the towel idea. I can't wait to try it myself. I do have a monogramming question. What do you think about monogramed license plates? I live in a state where the front plate is what ever you want it to be...and there is a gift shop that now offers monograms on plates...pretty cute ones...what do you think? Too much??

Monogram Momma said...

Fairfax: That is really cool! I've never heard of such a place!

Mel: I don't have a problem w/ monogrammed license plates as long as their done tastefully and not in some horrible airbrush tacky mall-kisok look. Know what I mean?

Mel said...

Hmmm...I know what you mean. I'll run by there and take a picture and send to you. It isn't an airbrush place, you are right about those, very tacky.

Preppy Rider said...

Precious - what a fantastic idea! You really should have your own show.

On another note, I REALLY want to buy a monogram/embroidery machine of my very own. I have started doing some research on what appear to be good ones, but then I thought - who better to ask than MM herself!

Do you have one? Is there one that you would recommend?

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Very nice! Can't wait to try! I have to contain myself while in the Paper Source...It can sometimes be a good thing and a bad thing that I have one, on the block I live.

TCP said...

That is the cutest idea, and since it doesn't require too much craftiness, I might actually try my hand at it!

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I am so not crafty but I really want to try this. Thank you :)

amanda said...

MMM, I have a newlywed question for you. This is my first time taking my own towels to be monogrammed, should I wash them first?

Monogram Momma said...

PR: I haven't forgotten about you but I will email you separately about the monogramming machine.