25 June, 2007

Madras, Stripes, Dots, & More!

Throw on your cutest tennis skirt and monogrammed bloomers, girls, or even just your khaki bermuda's and pink polo shirt! The lovely ladies at Chesapeake Rose have just unveiled their new Summer '07 collection of headbands and barrettes and they are offering them for the ridiculously affordable price of $12 each. TWELVE DOLLARS EACH!! *in loud game-show announcer voice*

To make things super easy on us, there is no need for a discount code this time as they've gone ahead and marked down the prices. I can tell you firsthand that neither the headbands OR barrettes hurt at all, so rush on over there before the sale ends and pick up a summer stash for yourself or some Christmas gifts! I'm headed out with the mini monograms this morning to meet up for a playdate, but I've got a few projects planned for this week since I'm starting to feel a little more like myself again. Happy Headband Shopping!

*UPDATE* Okay so I just clicked over to their site real quick and the designs are now maked down to $10!!! TEN DOLLARS, GIRLS! Start thinking teachers gifts, babysitter gifts, bridesmaids gifts, and Christmas!!


Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

Thanks for the info. These are super cute.

Anonymous said...

Ahh..you are evile, I tell you, evile...like I need another excuse for retail therapy while Mr QM sleeps here beside me. Thanks for the link!

marc said...

There are many sensational headbands -- and other stuff -- at www.andreasbeau.com. Check it out.

Buford Betty said...

Super cute! I've been on a headband rampage lately so I'll have to check these out!