24 April, 2007

Salmon Cove Jackets are Here!

I'm off in a rush this morning to get the mini's to preschool and pick up some groceries, but I wanted to hop on real quick and let you know of an exciting new product by the guys at Salmon Cove. Ryan emailed me to let me know they have just launched their new Salmon Cove Jacket, and it looks so fabulous I really wanted to pass it along to you. WooWoo! *sorority hands in the air* Mel was gracious enough to introduce us to this great line of Premier Shirts with the contrasting collar (perfect for those of us that prefer our collars popped as opposed to not) and the SC Jacket is an awesome compliment to their shirts. In their own words, the SC Jacket is "...made with a unique and specially knitted French Terry blend [that] delivers a luxurious feel and a signature style that will give you confidence the second you put it on."

If you haven't given Salmon Cove a try, then by all means, hop on over there today for a little retail therapy. I've got more coming to you later today, but wanted to hop on early this morning. See you later!


jilly said...

Yeah! Thanks for the good find! Congrats to mini #1 too!

Anonymous said...

I really like the look of their shirts, but isn't it a little weird that their "large" size is equal to a size 8?

Monogram Momma said...

Thanks, Jilly!

Anon: I can't wear a size 8 either so I'd go over to the men's jacket. The women's is a slim fit.

STL Sarah said...

"Sorority hands in the air." Ok, almost fell out of my chair laughing on that one. So funny. And can I ask what house you are in? Sorry, can't help myself.