22 February, 2007

Things I Love Today: Accessories & Peachy Paper

I know so many of you are expecting a project every day, but let me just say, that is pretty near impossible for me to do A) given how much time it takes and B) there are other things I want to talk about and share as well. Remember, Martha isn’t just about all the projects. I also don’t want to just throw out random projects, but instead, want to do ones that I think you will like and use and that I myself, want to do as well. So today I decided to do a few Things I love, to quench your shopping thirst.

In my humble opinion, anything from Basic French is a very good thing. If you don’t believe me, then cruise around their site and check out the adorable must-have Rattan bags, adorable childrens line (especially the crocheted headbands-Ooh LaLa!), and the waterproof Greengate Tote just to name a few.

While I know we all love our monogrammed stationery (especially moi), how about stationery that is actually embroidered?! Peachy Paper has a new product line called Kiwi where they have invented a special type of paper that is actually embroidered with your monogram. For those extra special hand written notes or for the person who has everything, go check these out!

So technically this is a product I picked up in a children’s store. But I am not the least bit afraid to admit I wear it myself. The Build a Better Bracelet line is so adorable and fun that it is great to pair casually with jeans or Bermuda shorts while running around, to give as a gift to a friend, or okay, as a gift to a child you know. She will be sure to feel like a rock star with this bracelet on! Chose from gobs of different band styles (I prefer the Grosgrain or Frosty band because it’s waterproof), slides and initials, and just have fun creating your casual one of a kind monogrammed bracelet! Want to know what I wear from this line? I wear the Frosty band in two shades of blue. One band has mini #1’s monogram and the other band has mini #2’s monogram with the Industrial letters. ;-)

Oh, and in sort of related news, I’ve got two discounts I’ll post later today. But right now I’ve got to tune into Court TV for my daily fix of the Anna Nicole trial. I know, I should probably start to re-examine my priorities.


suburban prep said...

Ok, you have one on me. I live near the two locations for Peachy Paper and I have never heard of them. I went to high school in Lake Forest and I worked in Northbrook for quite a while. Thanks for the info. I will have to check these places out.

About Anna Bella Stationery said...

Hurray! I'm so glad someone has embroidered on paper FINALLY! I've wanted to try this for so long but just didn't have the embroidery machine...and had back luck with regular sewing on paper (not my forte - LOL!) So neat!! I hope it sells well for them :-)

Anonymous said...

Peachy is a wonderful store! The owner is a delight and filled with tons of information. He and his wife are always willing to take on whatever you would like created.