13 February, 2007

Lemon Tree Paperie Discount

I know, I know. I've been incredibly lame today and not posted. So very not like monogram momma! But you must know staying on top of all this Anna Nicole Smith saga is really taking up a lot of my time!

But on to more important things, such as Lemon Tree Paperie. Now if you've been reading me for any period of time, you'll know this is one of the greatest little online stationery shops. With all of our preppy favorites such as Boatman Gellar, Whitney English, Fontaine Maury, and Stacy Claire Boyd just to name a few, if you haven't taken my advise and checked it out before, you really must do it pronto.

And just to give you even more reason to love Lemon Tree Paperie, Julia is so graciously offering 10% off of orders that are $50 or more. WooHoo!! Just enter MOMMABLOG when you checkout and you'll receive your generous discount.
Hats off to Julia and the lovely folks over at Lemon Tree Paperie for extending this offer to monogram momma readers!


sisters with style said...

Thank you so much for the heads up. All is back to normal. Whatever normal may be.

Anonymous said...

Oh Momma - I just ordered some cute luggage tags from them last week (for my nieces bday) - bummer! Gee, now perhaps I will need to order MYself something - with the discount & all!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fun V Day MM!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the beautiful embossed monogram napkins and notes for my upcoming wedding. I'm using a monogram theme throughout and they were PERFECT. The discount cancelled my shipping, so once again your blog has saved my day!