31 January, 2007

Reader Requests: Ready to Smock

I was so elated last night to see my local weatherman interrupting the shows to tell us we are under a Winter Storm Advisory. Horray! I LOVE winter storm advisory's! BRING ON THE SNOW!! Okay, so I'm not so much loving the empty shelves of bread, peanut butter and milk, but whatever.

Have sleds? CHECK!

Ski Jackets & Bibs for everyone? CHECK!

Mittens and Waterproof gloves? CHECK!

Hot chocloclate ready to go? CHECK!

So while I wait with anticipation (praying we actually see the snow!) we are heading out to the Childrens Museum this morning so I don't have a whole lot of time to post so I thought I'd share a reader request today. Stay warm!

Courtney writes:
A southerner living in Kansas and want to smock a dress for a friend who recently had her 4th child, 2nd marriage, difficult pregnancy, miracle baby. Ready to smock but do not want to make dress. Any sites?

This is a very good question and one that has required a little bit of digging since I am not a smocker myself (although I would LOVE to learn).

My first recommendation would be to go to your local better sewing shop where they make and sell fabrics and smocking supplies. A lot of times, these little shops will have ladies who will make the dress for you but you can do the smocking. So give that a try.

Second of all, I would check into and call
Chadwick Heirlooms. Give them a call and they may also have what you are looking for. I also found this selection of ready-to-smock dresses and baby clothes from a little shop in CA. Now, the more I kept digging, I also found another lady who has a nice selection of ready-to-smock here as well. But Martha Pullen seemed to have the best prices. However, the very BEST prices can be found on ebay by clicking here. All I did was enter "ready to smock" in the search field and it delivered some good results with great prices. I also found this selection on Ebay Express
which is a little more expensive, but allows you to buy it immidiately and get started.

I hope you find what you're looking for with these suggestions. Good luck!


KKB said...

Also check out
www.imaginations4smocking.com. I have never used them but they appear to have a good selection of items ready for smocking.

And, I have seen several warning posts regarding The Smocking Store aka Garden Fairies Trading Company on the Handmades.com forum for customers not receiving their items and no customer service...buyer beware!

sewgracious said...

I have emailed MM and she will post about this later; however she asked me to go ahead and make a comment now.

I, along with several of my smocking friends, have had horrible experiences with the Garden Fairie shop in CA. Orders take forever to process if they are ever shipped at all. I don't make a habit of bashing someone in business; however my experience with this website was SO bad I felt I had to say something.

I know MM cares about her readers so I had to share my personal experience with her. I also shared some links to other smocking sites that might be helpful. :-)

I know she will address this later on. :-)

Melissa said...

Oh, I have ALWAYS wanted to learn to smock! However, I can't even sew, so that was just one more thing I would have to learn. Maybe I would be more inspired to learn smocking if I could buy the dresses ready made!

the mom said...

This may be a stretch but the Smocking Bird in Homewood, AL (Birmingham) is a great resource for smocking supplies and support. I took classes there last summer and they will contstruct the dresses (bishops and such)for you. I actually asked if they would construct something for me and mail it back and forth (I don't live there) - and they said yes! I didn't get around to it, but I still have everything ready to go when I get the notion.

So, if you're interested, the website is www.thesmockingbird.com. If you call, ask to speak to Martha - she is one of the owners and is super nice (MM- she is a HUGE Auburn fan and her girls went there)!

Bossy Bar-Wife said...

You're so lucky! I really need a snow day! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hope your weather folks were a bit more accurate as to the AMOUNTS of snow - we were told to expect 2-4 inches by morning & we ended up with about 1/4 dusting - sadly, not enough to assemble the much-talked-about Snowman :)

Sorry, no smocking advice from me, remember, I am not so crafty :)

Anonymous said...

I've used imaginations4smocking.com. Great turn-around time! Plus, if you submit a picture of your finished garment they will send you a coupon for $5 off your next order. Happy smocking!

Amy G. said...

Who knew there were ready-to-smock clothes out there?! My dear grandmother used to smock my little-girl dresses way back when, and I remember going to the fabric store with her to pick out colors. :) Now I'm expecting my own little girl, sort of thinking that smocked dresses would be cute but dreading a large sewing project(s), and this solves everything! THANK YOU!!!

By the way, if you are wanting to learn about smocking, it's super-easy, especially if you've ever done needlepoint or cross-stitch. If you can follow a grid pattern and sew well enough to put on a button, you can smock!

Beth said...

Can anyone tell me where i can find how to get started. I currently sew but have never smocked. Iam looking for a class locally but to no avail. Was looking online but am very confused as to what to purchase to try it.