18 December, 2006

Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine: Holiday Cards

First of all, let me start by apologizing for the delay, and thanking you guys for your patience. As you know I HATE to be late and really pride myself on being prompt and on time, and today I have been anything but. It seems I had a little "holiday emergency" pop up that could only be solved by this one lady on this one afternoon and yada yada yada, 3 hours later, I was still needing this lady's hand out of the jam I was in and it was dark by the time my car rounded the corner into our neighborhood (as an aside, a SERIOUS hug to my neighbor who was waiting patiently at the house with the mini monograms, probably wondering if I had deserted her to raise them alone).

But you know what? Enough about that! Let's see all these fabulous cards you've all sent in already!

Show Me Yours......!

Kicking things off this go round is none other than the Preppy Princess herself (card 1 of 3). Seriously, can you find a better suited card for royal heiness? I didn't think so.

Alright, so this one is pretty dog-gone cute too. Shoppers! In a window! Window shopping! ..as in Shopping with the Preppy Princess!

So there's no shopping theme, but you gotta love the girl for never being afraid to show off her inner preppy and love of all things pink and green (card 3 of 3).

I must say, every one's favorite Preppy Rider has done a fine job herself of picking out the perfect holiday card as well! Expecting her first baby in February (within days of mini #1's due date I might add), Marissa has chosen the perfect classic preppy pregnant paper this year if I do say so myself. P.S. Worthy of note here is that she did try awfully hard to capture her two pups for a photo card, but let's just say they weren't exactly being cooperative.

J has decided to give everyone a run for their money with her hand made cards this year (1 of 3). Most impressive, J!

This is my personal fave of hers, all tied up with a bow!

Woo-Hoo! Check out all that detail (card 3 of 3)

What in the WORLD are the chances we would have a second Marisa enter the contest at monogram momma's?! I guess that means I need to go play the lottery tonight! At any rate, Marisa put this hand-made card together and in lieu of a photo, opted instead to share a recipe for "Charleston Shrimp & Grits." This is most fitting since her hubby is the executive chef at a 5 star Southern resort!

A fellow Auburn Tiger hand made this little number, complete with preppy trees and all! Love that round enclosure, Melissa!

Looks like someone has been shopping on Paper Source avec moi! Monogram momma reader, Pam, has done a bang-up job with this ultra chic blue and brown color scheme accompanied by the black and white photo in the pocket.

For our celebrity entry today, we have none other than THE Lauren Goessling's holiday card! Of course, you know we would expect something terrific and perfectly preppy from Lauren and she does not disappoint! In the pocket is a lovely B&W photo of the Goessling gang.

You know I had to show the enclosure on Lauren's card too. It wouldn't be complete without the signature "G" we've all come to know and love!

Watch out everybody because once again, Scarlett is back in the contest bearing that Burberry plaid. You may remember her pugs donning Burberry in the first Show Me Yours competition, which secured the win for her. Looks like she's is SERIOUS about winning again, folks! P.S. She completely did this herself in photo shop too!!

Another repeat contestant and regular monogram momma reader, Alyson has sent in this photo of her little Christmas cuties. Clearly she has opted to go the "Black Tie Optional" route this year and dressed her little ones up to the nines for the monogram momma contest! Much appreciated! P.S. Alyson ordered the top part of her card from an ebay seller and then assembled it all onto a black card stock.

Preppy Mom sent in two cards of her sweet girls. Here they are all decked out in Hanna Anderson pj's and all their baking garb and enclosed is a sugar cookie recipe from Martha. Sweet, PM!

So this is the card that Preppy Mom opted to send. Adorable girls hugging in their Hanna Anderson striped holiday pj's!

Now you know I love someone who can take a theme and run with it and Gena really exudes that preppy pink and green monogram momma spirit with this card!

Sunny is no stranger to monogram momma contest's either. She has shown us "hers" more than once and we are happy to see her back again, in all her holiday finery, candy cane ears and all.

Marta sent in this card of her little cutie, Summer. This is so classic and pretty and what's that I see? Smocking on the gown? Extra points for Marta for smocking!

This is Madigan looking very merry and bright in her Kelly green cable-knit sweater and matching bow. She is a preppy in training if I ever saw one!

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeeeeeeeee... some Whitney English Stationeryyyyyyyyy. Second place winners in the Preppy Pumpkin contest, the Phillips family have also really stepped up their game by sending in their holiday card with two little cuties in red Pottery Barn Kids pj's hanging out under the Christmas tree.

Now, I'll Show You Mine!!

Sporting pink popped collars, the light blue Phillip Pant, white RL cable knit sweaters, and A. Tierney grosgrain belts the mini's are a perfect preppy picture if I do say so myself! I always like to take our Holiday card picture at the beach in October and the green Adirondack with the swaying sea grass sends warm wishes to our friends and family. Noticeably missing is preppy puppy who opted against participating in the portrait this year.

Did you really expect anything other than a pink and green themed greeting from the Monogram family this year? P.S. Not pictured is the large square sticker that was placed on the back of each envelope bearing the large "M" in green as shown above, with "The Monograms" over it in pink.

So now that you've seen mine and I've seen yours it's time to vote! So whether you sent in a card or not, start commenting and voting! You guys never fail to disappoint and I really do have the most creative and inspiring readers! Thanks to ALL who participated and proudly displayed their inner prep and/or inner Martha with everyone!

Unlike past contests, I'm leaving the voting open all week since I know we're all busy and not everyone can hop on every day. As always, you can always count on a great prize for the winner from monogram momma!


Anonymous said...

all so cute! do your cards really say the monograms? with mr, momma, and minis? funny! i like alyson's the best!

suburban prep said...

Love them all.

Monogram Momma said...

Reader Comment:
Hello MM,

I would like to vote in your contest. My vote goes to Sunny. I enjoyed
looking at all the cards.

I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I enjoy reading it.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Monogram Momma said...

No, my cards don't ACTUALLY say the "the Monograms." They have our last name and then listed our first names. You know I've got to keep my anonymity!

Meg said...

J's cards are adorable! And handmade...so crafty!

Lauren's is also gorgeous. Oops...can I vote for two?

Anonymous said...

figured- but had to ask! sorry for the stupid question! very cute cards, and i LOVE your blog!! i've been reading for a while now:)

Preppy Wedding said...

I love Pams. I am a sucker for the brown and blue!

marta said...

aw how cute!!
the ever preppy MM,showed us once more!! :)
good job everyone!!

Alyson said...

Everyone has such cute cards!!! I have to say, my favorite card is the one by Pam! I also really like the Burberry card by Scarlett and of course the one by Lauren! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

They are all completely gorgeous, especially the cute photos of all the kiddies; it is just so hard to choose between them - I love them all. But I'm going for J's third card,(#1) followed by Pam's card and b+w photo (#2) followed by PP's pink and green card (#3).

marta said...

oh btw,my vote goes to lauren!!

Anonymous said...

Great cards - I have to say that ours is not all that preppy - it was a basic photo card from Shutterfly this year, but I have already decided that next year, we will take our family photo sometime in the summer/fall & that way, I will have more time to create a truly lovely card. I love yours, MM ... very cute, very preppy, very classy :), so, I will assume I can't vote for yours, so I will give my vote to the Preppy Princess - great cards, preppy, fun, festive, chic, etc, etc .. very unique - well done !!!

Cheers you all - Happy Happy Holidays :)

Meg said...

I vote for pregnant preppy rider Marissa!

Elizabeth H. said...

The mini's have good hair!!!

The EMG said...

I vote for the Camel from yesterday... *grin*.

~The EMG

J said...

My vote goes to the Preppy Princess's third card.

I love all the photo cards. Everyone has such adorable kids!

STL Sarah said...

Umm, can I just say that you have the cutest boys EVER?! Oh my goodness... What sweeties.

Monogram Momma said...

OMG the EMG has been resurrected! Where in the world have you been?! You've been missed in the blogging community!

Elizabeth H: Thank you!The mini's have VERY THICK, unruly hair!! LOL!

Thanks, STL Sarah! You are really too sweet and I am partial to them as well. ;-)

Susan said...

These are all great! I'm sorry I didn't send in ours, but I just didn't get a picture in time to scan and email it to you!

I vote for Marta's and second choice Lauren's. They are all really great:)

Anonymous said...

I would vote for the mini's if I could, but my second choice is Pam's. I'm a sucker for brown and blue. All of you who have entries have PRECIOUS children!

the mom said...

My vote goes to Lauren! Very cute and classy. And if I could vote for MM I would, but it wouldn't be fair for you to win your own contest:) I mean, who would win your lovely prize?

jilly said...

I loved them ALL!!!! I am sorry I didn't get mine in (but MM I will email you one anyway just to wish you well!) the move and work, too busy! It was REALLY hard to choose, but I have to go with Gena, LOVED the pink and green! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Gena's card! Too, too cute!!!

Heather said...

We LOVE Gena's!! Too, too CUTE!!

i *heart* paper said...

wow, everyone's cards look GREAT! I have to bow my head down in stationery shame...I bought cards from Target this year because I didn't have time to make them.

My vote is for R. Nichols cards from Preppy P.

I love his work!!

lauren said...

I keep coming back to the Preppy Princess's #3 (pink & green) card. Is that letterpress btw? It's gorgeous!!!

the preppy princess said...

Thanks! Yep, it's letterpress.

the preppy princess said...

I am going to have to throw my vote over to Gena. It has all my favorite elements: pink and green plus the dog, not to mention that cute little buttercup holding the dog!

Monogram Momma said...

Reader Comment:
Hey there,

I have to say that you got some really cute and creative entires! My vote is for J number 2--it is handmade and looks like a present. Alyson's is definitely next. I know that they had to have spent alot of time on those cards.

Preppy Rider said...

Thank you - everyone's cards are just fantastic! I LOVE seeing them all, thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas!