11 December, 2006

Inviting Smiles: NOT so Inviting

The time is now 5 o’clock E.S.T. and that means, TIME’S UP. Now I realize most of you don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about, but believe you me, there has been some behind the scenes drama and stress over here at monogram momma’s that each and every one of my valued readers deserves to know about (in fact I MAY just have to call Entertainment Tonight to broadcast it I think it’s so important). And since you all know I prefer to exist in a stress free zone (ha! Okay, so as least-stress-free zone as possible), I am NOT happy.

Go back with me to this past Saturday if you will. Saturday morning I checked my email to find an email from a reader we will call EM, telling me that to date, she not only hasn’t received her Holiday card order from Inviting Smiles, but hasn’t even received correspondence from them. Now, you will remember, I recommended this company in my initial Holiday Card post in November, and said I loved their cute monogrammed designs and styles. They were referred to me by a friend and I never personally used them myself. Now, forward to Sunday morning, when I awoke to an anonymous comment on this blog from a second reader, saying that the customer service at Inviting Smiles is terrible and that they do not recommend them. Sunday night, another email from a THIRD reader with a very similar story to the first email I received from EM. And THEN, this morning, a FOURTH email from a reader with the same issue. Something sounding a little fishy to anyone but me????? I swear it’s like the skies opened up and dumped a bucket of hail or something!

Of course I am mortified that I would recommend a company that apparently can’t get their act together and not only NOT fulfill their orders in a timely manner, but even communicate with their customers. Each reader told me they called numerous times and the voice mailbox at Inviting Smiles was constantly full, and none of their emails were ever returned either. It’s called RUNNING A BUSINESS and CUSTOMER SERVICE, Inviting Smiles. If you can’t handle it and treat your PAYING CUSTOMERS with the RESPECT they DESERVE then it’s time to CLOSE UP SHOP.

I have personally responded to each and every one of my readers who emailed me, as well as sent a lengthy email to five different email addresses at Inviting Smiles. My final email informed them that they had until 5Pm E.S.T. TODAY for someone of authority to get back in touch with me and let me know how they planned to rectify this mess that they have created and take care of all these people who they have let down and stressed out during this Holiday season, or unfortunately, I would be forced to write an honest update for my readers, detailing their lack of customer service and order fulfillment issues. Well folks, as I already said, TIME’S UP.

So I’m just going to lay it all out on the table here and be completely honest to all my readers, as you know how I feel about being honest. So included below, are all the emails that were sent to me, and all my emails that I in turn, have sent to Inviting Smiles, encouraging them to make good on their orders.

Reader Email #1
From: EM
To: monogrammomma@charter.net
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 3:57 PM
Subject: Christmas Cards

… I read your entry today and I also have not received my Christmas cards. Did you by chance order yours from inviting smiles? I ordered them one week before Thanksgiving and still do not have them! I have sent them three emails and called numerous times only to get a message"mailbox full". I was finally able to leave a message today, so hopefully I will finally get somewhere. I ordered mine before reading your recommendation, so I am not trying to make you feel badly for recommending them at all! Just wondering if someone else is having the same problem as me. Once again, I really enjoy your blog and don't know how you have the time to do so much! Merry Christmas! EM

Reader Blog Comment #2
From: Anonymous
To: monogrammomma@charter.net
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 9:00 AM
Subject: [Monogram Momma] New comment on Holiday Cards (Charge-It!).

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Holiday Cards (Charge-It!)": Hello gals - just wanted to let you know that although they are adorable, Inviting Smiles has HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. And don't trust their delivery times. It's unfortunate but true. Good luck!

Reader Email #3
From: KT
To: monogrammomma@charter.net
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 1:41 PM
Subject: quick question... :o)

…I did want to ask about holiday cards I ordered from Inviting Smiles, I ordered these back on November 10th and was also charged that month as well on my credit card. I have never received any correspondence from them, no proof, etc... I also had my mom order from them due to how cute their cards, however, we both had to order from different companies this past week to ensure we would have cards before Christmas. Do you know any "direct" line of communication with them that I could attempt to have them credit my card? I know you receive lots of emails and thanks for taking the time to read mine... :o) Thanks again and Merry Christmas - KT

Reader Email #4
From: CP
To: monogrammomma@charter.net
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 11:17 AM
Subject: Delay with Inviting Smiles

… I thought I'd ask if you have heard of anyone having problems getting their holiday cards from Inviting Smiles this year. I found them through your blog and LOVED the cards. I placed the order on 11/24 and approved the proof, but haven't heard boo regarding whether/when they have shipped. I've sent two urgent e-mails in the last week to which I have received no response, their voice mail for the 888 number is continuously full, and when I called this morning, the phone company actually had to hang up on me with "The party you have dialed is not answering their phone."

Yikes! Any info you may have would be much appreciated. I'm hoping they miraculously appear on my doorstep today.


MM Email to Inviting Smiles #1
----- Original Message -----
From: Monogram Momma
To: Cheryl@invitingsmiles.com; customercomments@invitingsmiles.com; invitingsmiles@aol.com;
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 4:29 PM
Subject: Poor Experiences/Internet Review

Hi There,

I am the proprietor of a blog called Monogram Momma where I talk about lots of monogrammed products and services, decorating and project ideas, and very often, stationery. Currently I have over 500 readers (and growing) a day who log on to read my reviews, ideas and sites I recommend.

About a month ago I did a post on Holiday cards where I recommended Inviting Smiles. I loved your original and monogrammable styles and colors and layouts. However, I am quite disappointed that yesterday I received an email from a reader who said she ordered her Christmas cards from you all weeks ago and not only have they not arrived, but you have not given her the courtesy of a return phone call (she has left MANY messages and BTW your voice mailbox apparently needs to be emptied because it is registering as FULL) or return email. I must say, I am extremely disappointed by this.

I take great pride in only recommending companies and vendors to my readers who I feel or have experienced myself, offer excellent quality products, but who also offer great customer service. I feel it is a reflection back on me, and quite frankly I do not want to increase revenue or recommend a company that offers second-rate customer service when my readers respect my opinion. To run a successful business, those two things need to go hand in hand, and I do not want to recommend a company that takes such poor care of the people who are providing their bread and butter, when there are plenty of other similar companies who will take care of their customers and give them the courtesy they deserve.

In addition to the email I received from a disappointed reader yesterday, this morning I also awoke to an anonymous comment on my blog from a second person not recommending your company due to poor customer service. To say I am surprised at this is a gross understatement. As a result, I am doing you the courtesy of letting you know that I will be posting a follow-up post on my blog, alerting my readers to your poor customer service. I do understand this is a busy time of year, but if a customer orders something time sensitive such as a Christmas card and you say it's going to be delivered on time and then you not only fail to deliver it but don't even return phone calls or emails from these customers who have paid quite a bit of money for your cards, then I really feel like my readers have a right to know they type of quality service they are receiving from your company if they chose to order from you.

I sincerely hope you will make every effort to rectify the poor customer service you are apparently getting a reputation for having. I am always thrilled to sing the praises of small companies that offer phenomenal customer service, but I also feel like I need to share poor experiences as well in order to be fair and honest with my readers (something they not only expect from me, but that I also expect from myself). As I said, you are more than welcome to get in touch with me and let me know what you are doing to solve your customer service and order problems so I can pass your response onto my readers. I also suggest you contact my reader (who sent the initial email), EM at em@xyz.com.

Many Thanks,

Inviting Smiles Email Response to MM #1
From: cheryl@invitingsmiles.com
To: Monogram Momma
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 10:41 PM
Subject: Re: Poor Experiences/Internet Review

Dear Monogram Momma,
I am sending this on to the head of the company. I have only worked for the company for a short time, having been hired to try and catch them up from the unexpectedness of their holiday card orders.

I do know that within thirty-minutes of emptying out the answering service it is full again. We've got people putting in 20 hours a day to try and get these orders out. Unfortunately since many of the customers only see my email address when I send them their completed proof, they think that I am the company. I just do the proofs.

I will tell you that some of the delays stem from people who place their order, and then wait a week or two to send in the photos. The order cannot go into proof design until the photos have been received. So keep that in mind as well. Don't hold the company responsible for customer contributions to the delays.

MM Email to Inviting Smiles #2
From: Monogram Momma
To: cheryl@invitingsmiles.com
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 8:09 AM
Subject: Re: Poor Experiences/Internet Review


I appreciate the return email and I can understand your frustration. Sort of the "Don't Shoot the Messenger" situation. As I mentioned, I completely understand that Inviting Smiles is busy this time of year, but it sounds like they bit off more than they could chew and can't handle all the business. Unfortunately, it's the customers who pay for this and ultimately, the companies reputation.

Since sending my email to Inviting Smiles yesterday (Sunday), I have also heard from yet another reader (this makes three people total in a 24 hours time span) who says they paid and sent in pictures Nov 10th, and while their card was charged, they have yet to see anything from the company.

Thank you very much for forwarding my email to the head of the company. I am anxiously awaiting a response and look forward to a resolution in the order and customer service issues that are currently plaguing Inviting Smiles.


MM Email to Inviting Smiles #3
From: Monogram Momma
To: cheryl@invitingsmiles.com
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 3:48 PM
Subject: Fw: Poor Experiences/Internet Review


Just to let you know, I have heard from two more irate readers and unfortunately, if I don't hear back from someone at Inviting Smiles with some sort of authority by 5pm EST today, I am afraid I will be forced to write a completely honest and somewhat damaging post about Inviting Smiles. I will also be encouraging all my friends in the blogging community who also have large followings to do the same.

I am sincerely sorry this has fallen on you, but as I said, the poor customer service is a reflection on me since I recommended this company and I take great pride in my recommendations and my good word. If you could please pass this additional information along to the right people within the company, I would be very grateful. I hope you understand that I feel like I have an obligation to set things right with all these people who have been misled and left in the dark by Inviting Smiles.

Many thanks for your assistance,


Well, Inviting Smiles, it looks like it’s your turn. Being the fair and just person that I am, the floor is all yours. I am handing you the virtual mic. You are more than welcome to email me at monogrammomma@charter.net and let me know how you plan to take care of all these people, which I will gladly post, or you can continue to ignore your customers and slowly watch your business fall off the face of the earth. You know, word of mouth is a very strong force. I realize that you never asked me to mention your company in my blog, but I did so off of a recommendation by a friend who’s opinion I trust and value, and because I am always happy to help out and recommend fun and creative sites and companies such as yours. The only problem is that your company really falls short. When you get down to it, Inviting Smiles really ISN’T so inviting after all, and I can assure you that no one is smiling right now about this holiday debacle you’ve created.

As for my readers, if anyone else out there has had any similar experiences with Inviting Smiles, please comment here and/or send me an email. In the event that I actually hear back from someone at Inviting Smiles, I would like to be able to pass along your names and email addresses for them to contact you directly. And hey, even if you’ve had a great experience with them and want to share that as well, then by all means, please let us know that too. As I said, I think this company bit off more than it could chew, but that really is no excuse for such poor customer service. Truly, I would love to see this company somehow redeem themselves, as they really do have some very creative and beautiful announcements, invitations, and cards. I certainly wouldn't have recommended them if I didn't like what they had to offer. But the proof will be in the pudding whether or not they're going to be able to pull that off.

P.S. 12/21/06 update: For those of you finding your way to my blog via Googling "Inviting Smiles," please click here to a new update.


Susan D said...

I almost feel guilty because I did order my cards through Inviting Smiles and did receive them in a timely manner as promised. I am shocked at the lack of customer service that the other readers have received. I did order cards that you attach a 4x6 print and not the kind that they print there... perhaps they are overwhelmed, but really - they should expect an abundance of orders this time of year! Best of luck to everyone with their orders!

STL Sarah said...

This kind of crap really makes me mad. I work in a customer-service industry (who doesn't, really?) and I would NEVER tell a client that we are just busy and, boo-hoo, are working sooo many hours to just keep up. Obvisously, your people need to work the extra 4 hours in the day because you're not getting it done. I had a wedding vendor that wouldn't respond to me timely and I got rid of that person. There's no excuse for crappy customer service.

Monogram Momma said...

NO KIDDING, Sarah! I really don't want to hear that they've been working 20 hours days. Whose fault is that that they can't keep up? Whose poor managerial and time management skills are to blame for that?? It's the customers who have to pay for their crappy customer service. Like I told them, there is NO EXCUSE when there are plenty of other similar companies out there who will take care of their customers and treat them the way they deserve to be treated.
What really kills me is that these people can't even return a stupi phone call or email? Your doing SUCH a bad job that your vm jams up again 30 min after it's been emptied??? UGHHG. It just infuriates me! I got a hold of the owner of the companies email address too and wouldn't you know she hasn't even had the decency to email me back herself either.

Susan D said...

I had quicly read this post earlier & then actually wanted to spend more time reading it.. I did not realize how badly they have handled the situation. What did they really expect as a business who makes Christmas cards?? Hellooo? And then not to take an ownership of the situation.. that is just poor customer service. Hopefully they will redeem themselves - Heck, you probably sent them a ton of business!

Anonymous said...

Approx 15 minutes after MM's blog entry was made I received an email from Inviting Smiles that they are sending me my cards today! Woohoo!!! I am the first person who contacted MM about Inviting Smiles and the level of customer service I was NOT receiving. I will let you know when I actually have the cards and how they turned out.I am keeping my fingers crossed considering this horrible experience! Thank you so much Monogram Momma!!!! You have been so much help! EM

Monogram Momma said...

Nk, Susan. Let me tell you, the lines of communication are open and they are not reponding. You'd think they would care a little more about their reputation!

You are MOST welcome EM. Let's just keep our fingers crossed they come through for everyone else as well. I heard from a 5th person this morning so I sent them yet another email and am still waiting. You know, after all THIS, those cards better be damn cute! And I sure hope you'll submit one for the contest too!

Melissa said...

Way to go, MM! Great job taking charge of the situation and seeing that something is done about it! It is ridiculous that customer service is just an afterthought for some companies. I'm sorry, but if you have more orders than you can fill in a timely manner, THEN STOP TAKING ORDERS! Its that simple.

ElleBee said...

Way to go MM! You are handling this situation SO well. I'm a stickler for customer/guest service, having waited tables for several years. I'm currently in a branch of the hospitality industry, and we all know how important guest service is there! Clearly this company never learned that when people are happy with something, they tell three other people, but when they're dissatisfied, they tell TEN! Good luck to all of you who've placed orders!

Amy G said...

Yikes. The first rule of customer service is to communicate!! Even if an order is late, or wrong, or damaged, the business MUST pick up the phone or fire up the email to let the customer know what's going on right away. I've had experiences with businesses who made terrible errors on the product I ordered, but handled it so well that I went back and wasn't disappointed. It's all about building the trust. I hope that this company learns!

lisagh said...

You're awesome MM and I love your diligence although I must say, for some reason I can't help but think of Melvin P. Thorpe, "The Watchdog" from the movie Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!

Marsha said...

You know, MM, I think it's awesome that you've taken on this advocacy for your readers. I know what it's like to make a recommendation and have it end up not as expected. I'm sure no one holds you responsible, but that you've stepped up with this communication is just really lovely.

If you're feeling like you want to escalate the story, I bet an e-mail to The Consumerist might get their attention (http://www.consumerist.com).

Jessica Nell said...

way to go, MM. There is a serious lack of accountability going on these days, and when someone is running a business poorly and ripping their customers off, well, they should be held accountable! Granted, not everyone can be Nordstrom, but with something as timely as Holiday cards, a STATIONARY company should be able to anticipate and handle the influx of orders that comes during the holidays. I am so sorry for all you ladies who had to deal with this - I've had similar experiences with online companies - more than once I have paid for something and never received it. And I second what Marsha said about the Consumerist.

Anonymous said...

I was just 'googling' Inviting Smiles and came across this website. I just want everyone to know that I ordered my cards on 12/2 and I got an email yesterday that said my cards had not shipped. I am appalled at the customer service and have been so angry at this company. I've never had such a terrible customer service experience with a firm. I will never order from this company again and I hope others don't as well.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your sight.I am so disappointed about the lack of service I have gotten from Inviting Smiles. I have been trying to call them since Friday, 12/15, and all weekend,all day yesterday. I finally got to leave a message yesterday. But no one has returned my calls or emails. Below is the message I sent to Inviting Smiles yesterday (12/18)- Thanks Cheryl Bell:

I understand the high volume of cards and business that you have this time of year but I have been trying to call since Friday and your mail box is full.
I live in South Carolina and if I don't get my cards in a few days it is pointless for me to send them out.
I paid almost $70.00 for these cards and ordered them on November the 30th. I have always loved your sight and have ordered my girls birth announcements, birthday invitations and shower invitations from you.
Please know that I understand that you are doing everything you can to get your orders out, I too work in customer service and are understanding of this kind of thing. But I don't like the fact that I have been unable to get an available person over the last few days or leave a message.

Please respond and let me know when my cards shipped. I approved my proof last Monday. If they have not shipped then I need to change my method of shipping to get them express delivered to me- (which is why I was trying to call you on Friday and all weekdend). Also, I don't think I should have to pay for an express delivery either if that is what it takes to get them to me at this time.

Please keep this in mind if you want returning cusotmer's like me.

Thanks for your help and understanding.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally post my thoughts, but after reading this, I felt compelled to tell my story.

I ordered my cards on 12/1 and downloaded my pictures at that time. I followed up to make sure they got the photos and had no problems with them. On December 8th, I got a call saying I should have my proof over the weekend. It came on Monday, 12/11 and I approved it with no changes within 2 hours. At that time, I sent an email explaining that I would be leaving town on the 20th and if I didn't have my cards by the 19th, then I would not be able to use them. It's now end of day on 12/19 - no cards. Like many of you, I have tried multiple times in the last 5 days to reach someone via phone and email -- no response. I would have cancelled my order and done them myself, but with the blanket email they sent out last Monday, I was led to believe that (at the latest) I would get them today. I am sad that I won't get cards since we live far away from most friends and family and they don't see the kids often, but I am furious at this company for having such an ego. I will dispute this charge with my financial company and in the mean time, I will tell everyone who will listen about my experience. Too much business is sometimes bad for business and it seems to me that someone got greedy! I won't let them rip me off!

kristinsalazar said...

I really didn't think I would find anything when I typed in "bad experience with inviting smiles" boy am I suprised! I too ordered my cards before thanksgiving just the ones where you attach your own photo. After 2 weeks and numerous e-mails and calls I still didn't have a proof, I finally sent a not so nice e-mail and they responded with the WRONG PROOF! I told them I need them to fix this and overnight my cards. This was on 12-11, they told me they won't garauntee my cards will be there by x-mas...can you believe this!!! They didn't even apologize or take any responsibility. I told them I thought it was pretty ironic they had the time to charge my credit card THE DAY I ORDERED but no time to follow up with anything. Well, long story short, the credit just came on on my credit card, I went to kelly paper and got some cute cards at 40% off and attached my own photo. UNREAL!! They need to close up shop! Everyone, make sure you get your money back in full!!! Good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Dear Monogram Momma:

For the past week or so I have repeatedly been trying to get into contact with Inviting Smiles regarding the status of my order. Like many of your readers, I've sent emails and attempted to leave voice mail messages -- but as of yet, have yet to receive the courtesy of a response. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that my family will not send out Christmas cards this year since I don't believe I will ever receive them.

This morning, after again trying to reach Inviting Smiles, I found your message regarding the company. Let me just say that this is not an isolated problem. Last year, I ordered holiday cards from invitingsmiles and encountered many of the same problems. Since, however, I ordered my cards much earlier last year, I was able to get the cards out at the wire -- in spite of the company's delays. Because the cards were so adorable, I decided to give Inviting Smiles another chance this year (even though my husband warned against it). I chalked the company's problems last year up to a learning curve. I WAS WRONG. It is one thing to have this situation happen once, there is, however, no excuse when a company repeatedly finds itself in this situation -- which is exactly what Inviting Smiles has done.

No matter how adorable the cards, the aggravation is not worth it. This is a lesson to all of your readers. Hopefully, they will be smarter than me.

I, for one, am now left with the only choice being to stop payment on my credit card and send a holiday email to family and friends.

Anonymous said...

I ordered birth annoucements Nov. 19, got a proof that I approved within 24 hours, without changes, on Nov. 30. I was told in an e-mail that my cards would be mailed by Dec. 12. It is now the 20th and no annoucements. I have gotten no response to e-mail and had the full mailbox issue on voicemail. Their web site is advertising a sale. What, they want more orderes that they can ignore and just get everyone's money? Craziness!

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem as everyone else with Inviting Smiles! I ordered birth announcements Dec. 1 and got a proof emailed to me, but since that has occured...nothing! Won't return my emails, won't return phone calls. Of course they already charged my credit card. So here's what I did...I called my credit card company and explained to them what happened. Basically they know if I don't have a product, I'm dang sure not paying for it. So I contested the charges and the credit card company takes it off and deals with the company themself...that's their job! Hope this helps if no one has thought of it.


Anonymous said...

I placed my $120 order on 11/29, approved the proof on 12/8 and now it's 12/21 and I have heard nothing. I have sent several emails and was actually able to leave one voicemail with of course no response. I was shocked to read they had the same problem last year and have done nothing to resolve the situation. I placed an order online with a corner pharmacy yesterday and they were ready in about 20 minutes (with email comfirmation and all). They aren't as cute, but at least my friends and family will actually see this one.

Anonymous said...

it is now December 21st, 5pm, no cards yet. I oredered, NOVEMBER !!11th, ok.
I am so sad about this, INVITING SMILES has really put a damper on my holiday.

Anonymous said...

I placed my order with Inviting Smiles on 11/15, sent the photo in on 11/28, received and approved the proof on 12/5. Received a mass email that they would send all approved proof orders out by last week, so I waited...and waited...called...sent emails, nothing. I just received an email last night that they had just sent them out and I would receive them on 12/22. Who is going to receive them now before Christmas? I have already disputed this charge with the credit card company, and I hope everyone else will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Same here. I ordered my cards Nov. 19 with photo, received proof on Dec.4 and was emailed last night they have shipped. They arrival time is Dec.22, I will probably refuse the package. This way s/h will come out of their pocket. I have disputed the charge and already sent out store bought cards. Oh, don't forget to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

Anonymous said...

I posted here on Tuesday 12/19 and after sending Inviting Smiles two ugly emails that day I was about to give up when......I called one last time and was able to push 1 to talk to a customer service person. After holding I talked to Kelly M. She said my cards had not gone to the printer yet and that I would not get them until after Christmas. I placed my order on 11/29-approved the proof on 12/11, I asked her if I could cancel my order and she said,"yes." so within 3-5 business days I hope my card will be credited. If not I too will dispute the charges with my bank like the rest of you.
Anyway, Kelly M. at Inviting Smiles was nice and apologetic but I am still quite angry that I didn't get to send out my cards,the ones I truly wanted. She said the reason for their backlog was: this is the first year they have done photo Christmas cards and did not realize the demand would be like it has been.

Oh well, Next year I am definetly ordering from somewhere else....
Too bad for InvitingSmiles since I love their designs.

Hope you all have gotten something resolved in all of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Just did a Google to see if there was anything out there on this topic and your site popped up.
I feel better just knowing I'm not alone!

I've used Inviting Smiles for the past 4 years for birth announcements, party invitiations, cards,
and thank you notes. I never once had a problem with them and loved their stuff. Like the other
folks who've e-mailed you, I got a rude shock this year.

I ordered my cards on 11/9. Got the proof over Thanksgiving and approved it the week after.
Then, I never heard another word. I know others have reported trying to reach them by phone
and being met by a "full" voice mail box, but I actually think its even worse. Last Thursday
I called one last time and they had changed their outgoing message to say something like this:

"Thanks for calling Inviting Smiles. We sincerely apologize for the delay in processing orders
at this time. We have been overwhelmed this holiday season. We cannot return phone calls
or e-mails because we are all working to fill outstanding orders. Please rest assured that if
you have received and approved a proof, your cards will be shipped THIS WEEK."

Then they went on to say what would happen (you wouldn't get your cards) if you had not yet
received and approved a proof.

That message made me again delay getting cards somewhere else. And now its three days
before Christmas and the cards have never shown up.

I've disputed the charge on my credit card, but the money is not the issue. The disappointment is the
thing. I love planning and sending my cards and they've left me empty handed. I'll be making my own
cards for a New Year greeting this weeked and printing them at Costco!!

Thanks for giving us all a place to vent.

Anonymous said...

I am so Happy to find out you all had the same trouble. I ordered on 11/10/06 still no Holiday Cards on 12.24/06 I was married in September and was sending out a picture of us from our wedding. I can't get this back thaey ahve ruined this for me! I have contacted my leagal council and have decided to take this to the BBB and the attorney General. Anyone should also do this you can file a complaint to the better buisness bureu. I have also contemplating taking them to small claims court. I was sending these cards with a party invite and this company has caused me trouble. INVITNING SMILES DOES NOT RESPOND AND TO ME IS A FRAUD COMPANY DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I HAVE CONTACTED MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO DISPUTE THE CHARGE SINCE NOBODAY CALLS ME BACK. Please send any comments if you are filing a complaint on the comapny and writing the attorney general. LET'S FINALLY BE HEARD AND CRUSH INVITING SMILES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is what I found for the Better Business bureau out of Dallas.
Inviting Smiles is on the list as being a member.When you find their name you will see there have been several complaints filed as well as a place for you to file a complaint yourself.

Good Luck

Gail said...

I am so happy to have found this site - as I too was doing a seach as I have been fighting these people for ever it seems. Nobody calls me back, nobody responds to emails and what is ever worse I have never received any kind of apology or explanation - it's just crazy. I have been waiting on my daughter's birth announcement that I wanted to send right after Thanksgiving - so my Christmas cards would not be the first time everyone got to see our new baby. It's now almost January - they claim they send me the cards - on the 19th and I never ever got them it's now December 30th and they won't track package or call me back.

They have been a disaster to work with and I truly find is shocking that their website is up given all the issues that people are having - they really need to be put out of business. I have Amex working on a resolution but with all I have read above I am glad to see that I can actually file complaints with the BBB - I was thinking that might only be for bigger issues.

Thank you for offering me a place to vent my frustration - and let me know what else I might be able to do to shut these terrible people down.

Mom2lots said...

Hi There,
I read your blog last month and was very surprised by your unfortunate experience with Inviting Smiles. I do not work for this company or any other company...well, I do say that I am the social coordinator of our family, among other tasks of being a full-time mom to 3 kids ages 2 and younger.

Anyway, I used Inviting Smiles 2 years ago with our daughter's birth announcements. I would have used them again for our son's, but they didn't show that they did adoption announcements on their site.

I just received the adoption announcements for our son yesterday, and they were fantastic! In fact, I had ordered through another company and the product was so awful that I returned them for a refund and ordered through Inviting Smiles. The whole process from the online inquiry, customer service calls, pre-order questions, and approval of proofs was so easy and a welcome change to the previous company that I had used.

I am truly sorry that you and others had a bad experience with Inviting Smiles, but it appears at they have corrected the past blunders and truly a reputable and quality company.

I truly hope you consider posting my comments to your site as a happy update to a very unhappy situation. This is the kind of company that we want to see grow.

Aubrey aka mom2lots

Dan said...

Hi All. I'm not typically one to leave comments on blogs- but I felt it necessary to let you all know that I have ordered my cards through Inviting Smiles for the past three years. I have never had a problem, never experienced poor customer service when calling, and always enjoyed gorgeous cards. I honestly think they make the coolest cards in the world. Merry Christmas,