09 November, 2006

Mommy Time & Things I Love Today

Whew! What a busy day! And no, I didn't forget about you all. But since today was the first day in 5 straight day's that I've had a little break from the mini monograms, I had a lot of running around to do. Believe you me, it takes twice as long to get errands run when you've got two little monograms to get in and out of car seats.

And it's not like my day was all that interesting, but I feel slightly invigorated after having some much needed mommy-time today. I had an impromtu chai tea latte at Starbucks with another pre-school mom which was great fun, then I headed to the mall where I got some really fabulous deals on cute cable-knit sweaters in all my favorite colors, and was even able to pick up a little something to wear out for my Anniversary dinner this weekend. After that, I met up with Mr. Monogram to look at some "big boy" furniture for mini #2. Good news. I think we've *finally* settled on a big boy bed for him. Yeah! More to come on that later, when I tackle the oh so *exciting* adventures of re-decorating his room. But that's enough about my boring day because it's been a while since I shared a few things that I love today.

Ribbon Cuff Bracelets by Creative Ta Da
I think we’ve all seen the more expensive Franklin & Abbey version of these preppy cuff bracelets, but when I spotted these at a little holiday boutique show where there were people from all over the SE displaying their products, the owner had no idea these already existed. Hers are almost exactly like the F&A ones but on the plus side, they are significantly less. Now, I will say, she did not have hers monogrammed, but I suggested she offer that and here’s hoping she does because these little monogrammed ribbon cuffs are perfect little holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. I know my babysitters would love to have these (ok, well I want one first, and thenI’ll buy one for them too).

I Like you: Hospitality Under the Influence
Who says hospitality has to mean stuffy and boring? Not with Amy Sedaris it doesn’t! This book is supposed to be good LOL reading complete with entertaining tips, recipes, and hysterical pictures of Amy, sister of the famous David Sedaris. It’s definiltely on my gift giving list this year. Scroll through the pictures on amazon and you’ll get a real kick out of some of the book insets they show!

[No Image Available...Sorry!]

Solas Handbags
As any good celebrity gossip stalker (coughMe) should know, it is most important to know what the celeb set is wearing, carrying, drinking, and sharing. And that means these Solas bags. While I love the cute little clutch and it’s perfect for the holiday’s, I don’t exactly live a jet-setting celebrity life with Mr. Monogram and the Mini monograms, and sadly, I don’t think this bag would come in handy for playgroup (nor do I think it would hold a diaper or wipe, which is of the utmost importance in my life these days). But basically, it’s a bag with a light. It’s like going into a bathroom that has one of those lights on sensor so when you open the door, the light automaticall pops on. No more fiddling in your purse in the dark movie theater again!

Myself Belt
Any parent with a child in between 2 and 5 knows how hard it is for little fingers to maneuver a belt. Even those cute preppy grosgrain belts that we all know and love and put on our kids, are often difficult for young ones to figure out how to fasten once they’ve done their business and received their potty treat. Even my mini’s come wondering out of the bathroom, belt hanging apart needing me to fasten it again. So MAJOR hats off to the designer of these belts who make it oh so simple for any toddler to fasten and unfasten their own belt!


thepreppyprincess said...

OK this is off topic but your ring is beautiful!

Monogram Momma said...

Oh I wish I could say that was my hand and ring but I do believe it's the designers! It is pretty though, isn't it?!
I pretty much always have my wedding set on unless I'm either A) gardening or B) mad at Mr. M (and then I just do that to get under his skin a little..he he he)
Anway, the designers email address is: kristalawlor@creativetada.com

Tod said...

MM you are too funny...now I know why my wife takes her ring off!

emma's pulse said...

Oooh thank you for that kiddie belt site! We need these! Thank you!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary - have fun at your dinner with Mr. M!