03 November, 2006

Friday's Stationery Fix

Remember when I returned from vacation and although very sad to be home again, was most excited about all the boxes and surprises waiting for me? Well as you know, one was my (now) highly coveted "Think Pink and Green" mug from the most fabulous princess I know, the Preppy Princess, but I promised I'd fill you in on the others, and today is the day. Your wait is over! And don't everybody be so excited all at once either. As I've mentioned before, nothing brightens my day or my mood quite like receiving stationery in the mail. I love the crisp new smell of it, the hard folds of the note-cards, and the anticipation of seeing the designs in person. It's like buying a brand new text book from the campus store and cracking the binding open for the first time. To quote my old pilates instructor, "inhale, inhale, inhale.... and sloooooooooooow exhale."

I told you my love of paper and stationery was a bit unusual and that yes, I should probably seek some sort of help, but let's just address that another day, because today I want to share what was inside this coveted box. The bro
wn box itself was enough to make my palms sweat as I ripped open the clear tape and plastic bags that contained all the wonderful little treasures inside. Seriously, it's like finding a pot of gold and wondering how I'm going to spend it, because I now have to figure out exactly who is worthy of this fine Whitney English Stationery. You see, i'll let you in on a little secret. Not everyone is worthy of my most coveted stationers such as Whitney and Lauren. Yes, these are reserved for the most important people in my life and most special of thank you notes. I mean, if you've never once sent me a thank you note for the dozens of birthday gifts I've bought for your children or shower gift or holiday gift, then don't expect to receive these notes from me. No Ma'aam. You will be the proud recipient of my standard cream and gold monogrammed note cards. And while still lovely, not near the decorative treat that these pretty papers are. But I digress.

If you hop on over to Whiney English's site, you will be greeted with warm tones in lovely classic preppy paisley's, and an brief intro to their luxe papers which reads:

Put on Sinatra. Kick off your shoes. Break out the bubbly. We celebrate the handwritten note, a great typeface, or simply the fact that it’s Wednesday and invite you to do the same. Our designs will remind you of summers by the shore, elegant evenings on the town and are perfect for any occasion. You’ll find a touch of whimsy mixed with classic style and topped off with a dash of the unexpected. So,
go ahead, throw a soiree - you can always find a reason.

And truly, I couldn't have said it any better myself, as I too, am always eager to throw a little get-togheter when I've come across some special paper such as this. From note cards, invitations, holiday cards, calling cards, gift tags, and notepads (you know how I am about my list making!), you can get it all from Whitney English Paper with beautiful classic designs that really speak volumes about you, before you've even put pen to paper. But in addition to the paper products, you should also know that they provide the most fabulous bag tags and placemats. Yes! Placemats! You can see the preppy striped laminated placemats for all four of us Monograms, but if you flip them over, each one also has another detailed design with our individual name on it. So yes! They're double-sided! What's better than a product where you basically get two for one? Nothing, that's what!

Now, where can you get this stationery, you ask? Check out this list of online retailers or click here to find where it’s sold locally.

-Traylor Papers (a favorite of the PP)
-Lemontree Paperie (a favorite of moi)
-Celebrate Invitations
-More Than Paper
-Swoozies (an Atlanta staple)
-Impressions in Print

So in your pre-holiday shopping today and this weekend, keep in mind the gift of Whitney English, or even go treat yourself. If you are not familiar with her products, I promise you will be a repeat customer and she will have you at that lovely little brown box. You never know, you might even find yourself humming a little Sinatra as you write your invitations and thank-you’s!


Bossy Bar-Wife said...

Beautiful. Thanks for fostering my addiction!

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes my heart pitter patter like the arrival or purchasing of stationery - I am such a geek!

Anonymous said...

Do you get kick backs for your advertising? I think you should! I have never heard of these fine stationary establishments and, yet, I'm drawn to them by your eloquent, and inviting presentation:) Keep up the good marketing! I might have my Christmas shopping done earlier that I imagined...

jilly said...

I have drawers full as well and find that I send about 5 notes a week. I just think it is so much nicer to receive a hand written note! Another one of my new favorites is http://www.expressionery.com/index.aspx
I love Traylor Papers as well, mainly because they carry my Lulu who I absolutely adore!

Monogram Momma said...

I knoW! What IS it about getting preppt paper in the mail that makes my heart skip a beat?!
I've got lots more christmas and stationery finds coming soon so sit tight! The madras border around my monogram for my profile pict is actually a Whitney English design. I love it, and have loved her things for a long time. I find things I like or find great deals and I want to pass them along and share them so I'm glad if I can open up some new shopping sources and vendors for people who are passionate about the same things I am! ;-)

cape cod mermaid said...

Simply yummy!

Josephine said...

Hi, this note doesn't really have anything to do with stationery, but about your love for all things Martha. I also adore Martha, and in the June 06 issue she mentions Corsican lemon marmalade (in the From My Home to Yours piece). I live just south of Corsica, and picked up several of the jams. I would like to send some to you, as a thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas. Due to privacy issues, I understand if you only want to use your initials, or if you'd rather not have me send anything at all. Please email me at jhlomedico@yahoo.com. Thank you,

Josephine said...

Oops, it's actually the July 06 issue where Martha discusses jams. Sorry for the mistake.

Suz said...

I love the rugby stripe that you have for the whole family.

Melissa said...

Where did you order your Whitney English from? I was trying to order some today and I checked Swoozie's and Traylor Papers, and both of them only seemed to allow personalization with a name, not a monogram. Please help!