21 September, 2006

Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine: Preppy Puppy

Well I must say, we all have some mighty fine looking preppy puppies! From California to the rocky shores of the Cape, we have some well dressed, well pampered, and well traveled canine children. Big hugs to all of you who excitedly snapped your photo's and sent them in. Alas, you will notice one or two of our participants were not quite as enthusiastic as their mom's were, but they plowed through like the proper little preppy troopers that they are (probably wearing wellies, at that). Now, here's the deal.While I was originally going to have mini monogram #1 be our celebrity guest judge, he kept picking his own dog to win and well, that just won't do. So I'm leaving it up to you to vote for your favorite preppy puppy, and each puppy and the one with the most votes wins. As I mentioned, each puppy with a grosgrain collar is already starting out with one vote (extra credit). Oh, and no, you can't vote for your own dog!

So let's get on with it, and SHOW ME YOURS!

Sarah sent in this photo of her pup, Lucy. Lucy enjoys long walks in the beach in her pink and green preppy whale grosgrain collar. Here is Miss Lucy people watching at Nauset Beach in Cape Cod.

Madison, who is obviously very keen on good posture, is the daughter of FCO and she resides in sunny Southern California. You would think that all that sun and sand would leave her hair awfully dry & damaged, but Miss Maddie solves that problem with a nice short summer cut. Love that sun-kissed color, Madison. Do tell who your celebrity stylist is!

This is Baci, being ever so helpful as his mom Alyssa tries to pack up her Lilly bags for the season.

No Baci, playing dead in the Lilly bag will not exempt you from this assignment.

I now introduce you to Corrie’s pup, Rudie. Rudie is really quite handsome in his uber preppy navy and green embroidered polo shirt and madras collar, doing his best Elvis snarl. Sadly, Rudie really wasn't feeling the vibe of the matching madras pants. *sigh* Although I don’t know too many folks who have the confidence to carry off the no-pants look but Rudie does it quite well, don’t you think?

And here we have Rudy's sister, Gidgett. Although she declined to wear her preppy attire today, she looks quite relaxed in her lovely pink toile bed and matching pink collar. Sadly, this trio of preppy pups isn't quite complete as their sister, Brownie, chose not to participate in the monogram momma exercise as she was just too busy napping to be bothered by paparazzi type photographs.
(now that is a girl after my own heart)

Well hello there, Sunny! Sent in by MM reader, Ashley, Sunny is adjusting to life in the burbs and is hopeful her new preppy pink and navy collegiate striped collar will catch the eye of a suburban suitor.

Sunny likes to relax and de-stress by playing with toys and ripping up packing material from his recent move.

Like myself, Monty is of Italian heritage. Sporting his Nantucket collar in the classic “Nantucket Red,” Monty enjoys dividing his time between Manhattan’s Upper East side and Sagaponack, Long Island with his mom Mel, and dad, Chappy. Today, he has decided to interrupt his mom’s laundry folding and stake her navy and pink rugby for his own. Stand your ground Monty, stand your ground.

Meet Georgia, a.k.a. my parents Princess Puppy (as I've referred to heron the blog). While she feels she is much too pretty to actually get herself wet, here she is relaxing poolside at my parents house, in her new preppy pink and green grosgrain collar with tennis raquets on it. In her spare time, Georgia enjoys spending time at the club, taking in ALTA

(read tennis) practice and matches several times a week with my father.

Here again, is my spoiled sister, Georgia, *allowing* us to admire her in all her fall foliage.

Here are Scarlett’s preppy puppies. Standing tall is Doug the pug, and he is a true classic gentleman who prefers Burberry to Bandana’s. He and his brother, Max, are of the old school set and are awaiting their chauffer.

Ah, yes. And here she is. Our little chauffeur has arrived, coincidentally in perfectly matching Burberry herself. And we're off!

Sent in by his mom Jean, this is Stogie, a self proclaimed “bad boy” being ever so gracious by reluctantly allowing his mom to snap his profile. Stogie prefers to buck the traditional preppy grosgrain collar trend and go with the well-worn look as his mom puts it. I think he looks rather fetching, no?

Meet Maggi’s preppy puppy, Sophie. She’s a simple girl with a dream…

Meet Maggi’s other preppy puppy, Darby. A gal with a soft, sensitive side…

Sophie, meet Darby’s soft sensitive side. The backside, that is.

You know, I like a gal who marches to her own beat, and Emily has hog-tied her cat, Jasmine, with a lovely navy and green preppy whale grosgrain belt. Jazz must be a bit confused (probably because she’s a cat and not a dog), as this was not for a Playboy photo shoot as her pose suggests.

Also not wanting to be left out, Alyson has shared this picture of her, uhhhh, dog. Yeah, her preppy dog. Lovely monogram on the dog there, Alyson. Way to show your monongram momma spirit!

Well you've showed me yours so now I'LL SHOW YOU MINE!

At long last, here is a picture of my girl doing her best Bo Derek, with the wet tossled look on vacation at St. George Island. Preppy puppy loves to swim and fetch and ride the waves in.

Like any proper lady, my preppy puppy understands the importance of taking care of her skin. Here she is with her self-made sand mask at the beach, trying to catch crabs.

Getting ready to hop in the car to take the boys to pre-school yesterday, she looks every bit the part of the stay-at-home-dog with her pink polo with green and white stripes and black leather Coach collar. Sadly, she is not a popped collar gal, but this casual look works for her none-the-less, no?


Maggi said...

Doug the Pug & Max are rather adorable in their Burberry!

All the dogs(yes, even the monogrammed hot dog and the hog tied cat)are GREAT!
Tks for keeping it fun!

Ashley said...

I absolutely loved today's blog!! Not only do I love seeing dogs, everyone's costumes are so cute! Obviously, if I could vote for my own, Sunny and her "preppy pink and blue collar" would be my choice BUT... my second choice goes to the Burberry Pugs :)

BTW- please keep the "Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine Theme. You have some very talented and creative readers. I look forward to seeing more of these ideas :)

Thanks for keeping us entertained MM!

thepreppyprincess said...

These are SO great!!!!!!

Laura said...

Wow, I love them all. It's hard to pick one, but I have to say that I really love little Gidget in her toile!
I agree with Ashley, this is a great idea and I can't wait to see next week's theme!

jilly said...

LOVED today's post! The pup's were adorable and I have to say, Alyson made me laugh out loud with her monogrammed dog! How creative! It was hard to decide as they were all so precious, but my vote has to go to Corrie's Gidgett, she just looks WAY too cute and I am also partial to the pink toile! Way to go MM!

Tod said...

MM. sorry I didn't get a chance to add my pup. It's been a crazy week...Great job!

Mel said...

What a fabulous entry -- these pups are super cute!

I wish we could bring all our preppy puppies to the dog park and have a big play date.

thepreppyprincess said...

I was so excited to see all the pups, etc. I forgot to vote when I posted before, I love them all but I am a sucker for pugs so I would have to say Doug & Max then Gidgett - toooooo cute.

ADP said...

All these dogs are just too cute! Please do this again next Spring when I can actually participate! I am a little partial to Alyssa's preppy pup, since that is the same kind of preppy pup that I want!

Anonymous said...

What kind of dog is Baci? I vote for her - so cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

SO cute .. I missed your deadline or else I would have sent a pic of my preppy pup -- she loves to have her photo taken.

Alyson said...

I love Doug in his Burberry! He gets my vote!!!

Lisagh said...

All sooo adorable. Thanks MM for a fab read today!

Preppy Kiki said...

My vote is for Doug (pug) in the Burberry. Also, I confess I was behind and didn’t get to submit my preppy puppy, hopefully next time. All of the dogs looked so personable.

j said...

Baci gets my vote too, mostly because I love the idea of a dog that is small enough to fit in a pink and green bag!

The EMG said...

Please Miss Lucy is the purttiest puppie ever!


Monogram Momma said...

I am closing the voting in 30 minutes and then will announce the winner and token prize! I have to say, my vote goes to Rudie because honest to God when I opened that email and his little picture became real big on my monitor, I was laughing so hard i was HOWLING out loud!

Susan said...

Sorry we missed the voting....the girls and I are rolling with laughter in between the oohs and coos- choosing must have been difficult as they are all absolutely adorable!