12 September, 2006

Reader Requests: Gift Giving Ideas

From time to time I will be sharing with you some of the many fantastic Martha-esque, Emily Post, or Preppy related questions you all send to me. Which, let me add, I love receiving, so keep ‘em coming and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. So with the holidays around the corner, I know I am already in my shopping mode and making out my list (which is in Excel format on the computer, btw). Well don’t act so surprised, I’ve never tried to hide my obsessive-compulsive list-making from you!

So Kiki writes:
I am asking for you help on a gift idea. I have a wonderful veterinarian who has been our family veterinarian for three generations. This past year my pets have needed special health care, and Mr. Vet. has just been super kind. I would like to give back. I haven’t been feeling well lately, and my mind is just coming up with zero. I want something that they can eat or use right away but doesn’t look like I spent too much time stressing over it. The staff is one male (the vet) and around ten female employees. Any suggestion even if it is just wrapping or presentation ideals would be highly appreciated.

Never fear, monogram momma to the rescue! I can certainly understand your desire to want to show your gratitude to your vet and his staff. My preppy puppy was very sick this summer and required a great deal of care and I really don't think either me or my preppy puppy would have made it through without their tremendous care. I mean, it is not easy to calm down a hysterical monogram momma where her treasured preppy puppy is concerned, let me tell you. So naturally, I do have some ideas to pass along.

1)A monetary dontation in their practice’s name and then a certificate or letter letting them know you did that would be good.

2)A “Thank You” message bean plant from Spoon Sisters that they could keep in the office. Adorn it with some pretty grosgrain ribbon and a nice card attached to the ribbon from your pet

3)Photo cookies w/ your pet’s photo on it and packaged up in a nice large cellophane bag w/ tons of colorful ribbon (I also like to use lots of raffia) and a nice little note from your pet. Here are some good photo cookie sites: Cookie HQ.com or Ali’s Sweet Treats

4)Snack Attack from Red Envelope

5) A great piece of artwork, framed with a little dedication from your pet to her doctors, such as this great quirky piece

6)Doctors Orders Gift bag full of goodies from Delightful Deliveries

7)Or a Tower of Treats from Harry & David

Now, if you are set on doing a gift of food, one of my absolute favorite sites is called Nostalgic Candy. They’ve got every single type of retro, fun candy from way back when, and will do a great gift basket for you, such as this one, or you can buy a ton of different types yourself, go to Target and get a fabulous dog/cat treat jar, and fill it to the brim with all these fun treats. I will be re-addressing this link at the holidays as they do the most fabulously fun nostalgic holiday gifts of toys drums filled to the brim with nostalgic candy. But as for additional wrapping ideas, stay tuned as I will be posting on this later in the week.

Donna also asks:
...Being that you have two beautiful minimonogrammed boys, I was hoping for some good advice on what to give a friend who gave birth to a 9lb 10oz boy this morning. I only know how to shop for girls!

Whew! 9 lb, 10oz! I sure hope your friend received a generous "push gift" from her husband after all that hard work! Anyway, Donna, I must be honest. I am probably not a typical mom of boys in that I do prefer to put them in lots of smocked & monogrammed outfits, saddle oxfords and knee socks, and proper little jon-jons with peter pan collars for dress (not casual every day wear, not to worry). Their nurseries were not your typical primary colored boys nursery with truck or fire-engine themes, but custom made with pretty toiles and very soft colors. Mini #1 even had a chandelier in his nursery with matching shades. SO, because my taste is very conservative and let's say, a little stuffy perhaps (as I'm sure some will comment on here), my gift suggestions for boys really won't differ much from what I would give to a new baby girl. Just remember, you can never go wrong with something classic and timeless!

1) A beautiful embroidered linen tooth fairy pillow or white linen baby pillow with crest from Ambridge House

2) A matching chenille bib and burp set (monogrammed) from Lolli Tots (tell her MM sent you and she will take good care of you!)

3) An engraved silver brush and comb set or monogrammed silver piggy bank to adorn a shelf from my favorite little silver gift giving site, Hand Picked.

4) I am generally not a big fan of giving gift certificates as gifts for friends, however, you can go to Portraits by K.C. and for $50 order a gift certificate from her to have a professional portrait done of the new baby in either pencil or charcoal. Her prices are great and her work is fantastic. I’ve never used her personally, but you can see the quality of her work online and I think this would make a very special and thoughtful yet personalized gift that she will always remember you gave it to her.

5) If price really is of no concern, then I love the gift of a monogrammed sweater. It is such a thoughtful personalized gift, that a baby is sure to get a lot of wear out of with the cooling temperatures and I love Baby Knits & More. If you haven’t already stopped over there, take a quick peek at all their adorable things. In particular, I think the monogrammed cardigan and hat set would make the prefect baby gift, or un-monogrammed, take a peek at the cabled sweater & hat set for a great price. These gifts actually become heirlooms and when the baby outgrows them, can even be hung on a nice hanger from a hook below a shelf or above a chair rail in the child’s room.

6) If the new baby takes a pacifier, then I always love to give an engraved silver monogram pacifier clip. You can pick up a simple round sterling passie clip from The Palm Gifts or a more dressed up version (which I, myself prefer) from Kidables. This is such a great baby gift to both give and receive!

7) You know how tricky it is to get all the baby food in your baby’s mouth, and how it ends up all over their cloths and arms and face, even when you’ve done your very best to ensure otherwise? Well I just adore this Little Elephant Bib or Ships Ahoy Bib at Posh Tots that not only cover their shirts, but also their arms. Pick it up and have it monogrammed under the design and I think it would make an adorable and practical gift.

8) last and most certainly not least, I’m sure you can remember how many countless thank you notes you write after having a baby, and for that reason, I think a lovely stationary personalized or monogrammed stationary gift set for the new baby complete with matching gift stickers would be a fantastic gift. I highly recommend you check out the uber-talented Lauren Goessling Designs, who I’ve mentioned before, and also Lemon Tree Paperie who I just love love love.


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Alex said...

I came across your blog and luv it! I would like to share a little gift idea I do during the holidays. I buy baskets and fill them with whatever the reciever at the time is interested in! This year, is the year for new mommies and babies. So, I start buying baby clothes and, accessories early! Look for Sales! :)