01 September, 2006

Labor Day Coupons

Okay, so unfortunately I don't have a Bloomingdale's in the city in which I live, however, nor do I have any "fun money" left after my shopping excursion and spending spree with Alyson and Cresta, but here's hoping you do.

Enter code 40SALE at checkout both online and in stores to receive an extra 40% off already reduced items from Bloomingdales August 31-Sept4th.

Also, in other shopping news today, I want to give a little shout-out of thanks to my friend Erin over at Shop Suey who clued us into the Limeade sale. They're a going-out-of-business Lilly store in Denver and they've got everything marked down 50% off. The best part? $10 Tybee flip flops! Thanks, Erin! Mr. Monogram will be thrilled [read not] to see another 2 pairs of flip flops added to my ridiculous collection.


Preppy Kiki said...

Thank you, thank you, here is what I ordered

Total:$10.00 Desc.:Currituck Pink
Pineapple Flip Flop

Total:$10.00 Desc.:Fenwick Candy Stripe
Flip Flop

Total:$10.00 Desc.:Maritime Martini Flip Flop
I am in flip flop heaven


Erin said...

Thanks for the shout out! :)
Kiki, I ordered the Fenwick Candy Stripe flip flops too. I just couldn't resist one more pair!

jilly said...

I had to get two. A Fenwick and a Candy Stripe. LOVE THEM!

The EMG said...

The Lilly sweater I want is sold out... I will keep tryig I will find thsi sweater if it kills me... Ebay here I come!


Monogram Momma said...

Prepster, try calling the store... you never know, you might have luck with that! And like you said, who can resist singing out "I bought it on EEEEEEEEEEEE-Bayyyyyy!"

Maggi said...

Let's just hope I get home first when my new flip flops are delivered! Preppy husband will throw me and allllll my flops out on the street if he finds them first! Had to have the hatteras navy striped...just been feeling a little more navy and pink lately!

Laura said...

I just added two pairs to my collection too! My husband is probably going to ban me from reading this blog, since I buy practically everything you suggest! Love it!

Pink Cupcakes said...

You can never have 2 many pairs of shoes, jandles, flipflops, boots, slippers etc

Broady said...

Thank you-- I just ordered the Hatteras Navy Stripe and the Pink Pineapple... for twenty bucks. I love it!

I hope they run small... I usually wear an 8 1/2, so I ordered a 9. Two weeks ago I foolishly bought a pair of pink canvas Ralph Lauren slides without even trying them on. Turns out a 9 would have done the job, they are too darn small. So I ordered "high" this time around, hope it works out.