24 August, 2006

A Conversation of Sorts

So sorry for the late post today. It's been a busy morning, to say the least, as our lazy August days post summer-camp and pre pre-school next week are now over. This morning Mr. Monogram and I had to take the mini monograms to orientation at their pre-school and meet their teachers and meet with the directors, etc, etc. And this year, the big word on the pre-school playground is the new security measures they're implimenting. Now, they have always been pretty strict on anyone who isn't on the authorized list to pick up your child better not dare show up, or even consider walking in without 4 forms of ID and the last 2 years tax returns, but now it appears we are going to full-on lockdown. Yep, that's right. LOCK DOWN.

So we are now having to purchase these little magnetic round security things called i-buttons which we hold up to a little sensor at the door and tells the security system who I am, what time I'm wanting to get in the building, etc. I imagine I will be receiving full page reports as well and be the subject to a full investigation as to why I am obsessively early to arrive each day. But this is a good thing, dont' get me wrong. I'm thrilled they are taking such advanced measures into my children's security.

And I must add, we all looked so adorable with the mini's in matching searsucker shorts, and pink polo's and A. Tierney grosgrain belts, and myself in my white bermuda's, pink polo, pink and white leather Born flip flops, and blue ,pink, and white headband. Oh yea, Mr. Monogram was wearing a suit, as he does every day, so nothing too special there, although I did get him to at least dress down a bit by taking his tie off so he didn't look quite so stuffy (you would have thought I'd asked him to take the day off work. HA!-that would take an act of Congress for that to happen, btw). So anyway, after orientation, the mini's and I dropped their medical forms off at the pediatrician and then picked up Mr. Monogram's alterations and headed home, where I've got a great project planned for today, that I am most excited about sharing with you tomorrow.

But while I am sitting here typing up this quick little entry, I am listning to the mini monograms in the kitchen, where, apparently my Emily Post Etiquette is rubbing off on anal retentive mini monogram #1 as I hear:

mini #2: starts to talk to his brother and is interrupted by #1

mini #1: mini, don't talk with your mouth full. Thats rude.

mini #2: ok.

mini #1: I mean it, stop talking with food in your mouth.

mini # 2: sneezes

mini #1: ooh, that's gross Mini.

mini #2: scuse me!

mini #1: o yeah, bless you. Now eat your raisins. Come on now.

So I'm off to clean up from their lunch, change a diaper, and send them on their way for their last hour of play until naptime. Be on the look-out for tomorrows preppy project idea that is just in time to kick off your seasonal entertaining, but until then, make sure you sign out and follow all security measures on your way out! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow - sounds like some really "secure" measures at the school, but I suppose that is what this world has become & I guess I will have that to look forward to in the upcoming year or so :)

Enjoying your blog ...

Casey said...

Wow, I thought our preschool was strict. After a week of doing the same thing, I'm looking forward to a project for the weekend.

Preppy Kiki said...

Thanks for posting the conversation between the two mini’s made me laugh at how cute they are. I use to volunteer at one of the local nursing homes, and they have something similar except the magnetic band is to keep the residents in. I personally think this is a great idea, but what if you loose your button and someone else tries to use it? Look forward to your project idea!!!!!

Monogram Momma said...

If you lose your little i-button then you report it and it's deleted from the system in the computer and it will no longer be activated if someone else finds it and tries to use it. So they then activate a new one and assign you a new "number" to your button. ALl very high-tech if you ask me!

Tod said...

seems a LOT over the top

emma's pulse said...

I love the security system! My 3 1/2 year old boy is on a waiting list for pre-school...I don't know if I can possibly give him up. Was it difficult to release your Minis into the wild?

Monogram Momma said...

Emma, no, not at all. It is SO SO good for them I can't even tell you. They both started going at age 2 and it's been wonderful. Of course, we've got them in a great program that is NOT just a "babysitting" type mothers day out program. It's excellent, and they go twice a week. It's great for all of us! Although initially, i cried when mini #1 went for the first time ever and I do still cry on the first day, but after that I'm always excited b/c they are so excited and love it so much.

SLC said...

A good security system is so important. My kids go to an awesome preschool that has a fingerprint reader access system.