15 September, 2009

Paper Globes

Everyone loves paper globes. Chances are, even if you have no occasion to decorate with paper globes, you still envy them and their fun, cheeky, and modern look.
Case and point: Here is a gorgeous display of paper globes that was done at my BFF's rehearsal dinner in August. Her MIL owns B.D. Jeffries in Atlanta, so her store designer drove up a U-Haul full of furniture, lighting, linens, etc., and amazing job decorating the restaurant and you can see how the abundance of paper globes really set the mood (and yes, I KNOW I am long overdue posting about this wedding!).

Of course, who doesn't love Lilly's Party Pom Pom's which came out last Spring? They've been a HUGE hit! Perfect for an indoor or outdoor party, or even a little girl's bedroom or fun for the playroom.

So let's get to it! Let's create our own paper globes! There are a few different versions of paper globes, and I'll go over other types as well b/c they are completely different from the one's I'm going to share today. Non-crafters need not run away scared from this one either! If you can cut a straight line and use a hole puncher, you are good to go. Cross my heart.

You Will Need
-Patterned papers cut into 8-1/2 x1/2" strips
-Brads (2 per globe)
-small hole punch


1) Start with three strips of paper

2) Stack the paper pieces and wrap into a circle, overlapping about 1/2"

3) Punch a hole where the ends overlap , and then another hole
directly opposite the first hole. Put brads into both holes.

4) Lastly, fan out the paper pieces and VOILA!
You have a cute paper globe!

I love these for festive decorating. Just think how cute they would be hanging over your breakfast table in Halloween papers for Halloween? Or make them with papers which coordinate with your nest party and just have fun putting them here and there. Fill a bowl with them, and use for a fun, inexpensive table centerpiece. Since this is simple enough that kids can even help with, I'm going to make these into Christmas ornaments for the mini's tree in the playroom (we only decorate this tree with ornaments we've made and we make new ornaments every year together to add to their playroom tree). Also, for a fun little variation, try cutting your strips of paper with scissors that have a decorative edge (try scalloped!).

source & photo's: Schlosser Designs


Timi said...

What a fun and easy idea. Thank you for sharing.

Monogram Momma said...

you're welcome, Timi! I plan on doing lots of these for my son's upcoming birthday!