24 September, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away

Just in case ya'll think I'm sitting around eating Bon-Bon's and watching Y&R (which, don't get me wrong, I SO WISH I were doing) instead of paying attention to my blog,rest assured I'm not. It would appear that I've completely over-committed myself in anticipation of having an empty house this year with both of the mini monograms in school, and now I'm pretty much just treading water.

So here's what I've got going on...

-New Fundraising Chair at the boys school
-Opening up an online Storefront for the boys school spirit wear
-Cafeteria Volunteer once a month
-Box Tops Commitee
-Homeroom mom to mini #1
-Assistant Homeroom mom to mini #2
-Book Club (my friend has wonderfully agreed to take over organizing this for me, though)
-2nd Grade Mom's Night Out Organizer
-Football for mini #1 (which is 3 nights a week plus weekends)
-Baseball for mini #2 (which is 2 nights a week plus some weekends)
-Running my Paper Concierge business
-Working on new designs and filling orders for my SWAG shop

oh, and lets not forget this much ignored blog and twitter. Throw them on this list too, because hell, why not? Then there's always the day to day housekeeping, laundry, cooking, homework, and schlepping around as well.

So today, I just could use a loooooooooong bath. But you know what? I'm not gonna get it.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow.


Kimba said...

You almost had be fooled... as if you're NOT watching Y&R for the week in one fell swoop...

I'm no sucker!

Hannah Lane said...

Oh my that is a list!!!! I understand though :)

I have to check out the agenda....I LOVE the lilly colors though...