11 August, 2009

I Lied...

So I lied... I am still waiting for some of the actual wedding pictures from friends who weren't in the wedding, so I won't be posting a wedding re-cap today. I have mine from the bridesmaids luncheon and rehearsal dinner, but I'm hoping to get a few from the wedding today.

In the meantime, I just had to post these paw-sitively posh houses that any preppy puppy would love to have. Could you just imagine? I love preppy puppy but this is going a bit overboard!

The Worlds Most Expensive Dog House
Among many other amenities, this dog house has sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, a $250,000 sound system, and a 52-inch plasma TV. Automatic dispensers ensure the dogs, who each have their own bedroom, will always have chilled, filtered water and dry food available.

Paris Hilton's Dogs House
This two-story mini-mansion was constructed to resemble Hilton's own California home. It features a balcony, miniature Phillipe Starck furniture, a black crystal chandelier, black ceiling moldings, and a heater and air conditioner. The first floor is the living room, while the upstairs contains a closet and bedroom.

Cave Dogs
Made of TerrierRock—faux stone made of reinforced papier mache—the caves have a durable four-layer wall construction that helps keep a dog warm and dampens sound. Each has a hand-dressed arch created from wood salvaged on western Vancouver Island and is stamped with a paw print from Scottie, the company's canine president.

Fit for a Khan
Inspired by tents used by Genghis Kahn and his Mongolian officers and measuring 22 inches wide by 25 inches deep by 30 inches high, it is topped with a gold finial and ostrich plumes, designating royalty or high rank.

This pricey hacienda was built for model, actress, and reality TV host Rachel Hunter's pooch. A similar model can be custom built with amenities including terra cotta floors, running water, lighting, air conditioning, and heat. It can also be made large enough for children and dogs to play in together.

First Green Dog
The doghouse is modeled on Greek Revival architecture, the perfect complement to the White House, and is constructed of wood from Tennessee aromatic cedar trees that were planted by President Andrew Jackson along the driveway of his estate, The Hermitage, and were felled by a tornado year later. It has a green roof and is coated in zero-VOC paint. It will be presented to the Obamas