29 July, 2009

Today I'm a Professional Errand Runner

Is it really only Wednesday? I hereby make a motion to go ahead and make it Friday. Anyone else?

This week the mini's and I had nothing on our typically active social calendars, which turns out it was a good thing because I ended up needing to help out a friend with her boys on Monday and Tuesday. It's funny. You think you're helping out a friend but she actually helped me out because she provided my boys with instant playmates for two days! Yay me! Seriously though, her boys are the same age as mine, very well behaved and as sweet as can be, and all four of them get along so incredibly well. It was a fun two days, however now the mini monograms are stuck with me and me alone again (which doesn't exactly excite them at this point of the summer).

So what's been going on around here? Last week we took care of all the uniform shopping and even bought their school shoes. That is a major task to check off my to-do list! So today we are running a million errands. I had to leave the uniforms to have our school emblem embroidered on everything so today we'll go pick those up, go pick up my bridesmaids dress for bff's wedding next weekened from the bridal shop, hit the bank, and make several returns.

Currently my home looks like a dress shop, as I've bought so many dresses for the bridesmaids luncheon. In the end, I think I've decided to just go with a simple but uber comfortable white v-neck sleeveless dress I nought last year that I love, and pair it with a great cardigan and strappy heels. Now all I have to do is find the great cardigan and strappy heels!