24 July, 2009


I'm so glad it's Friday. You would *think* that being a SAHM means every day is like Friday, but no, I assure you it is not. I am dashing out the door with the mini monograms to take them to the gymnastics place to jump on trampolines and run around with some friends and expel some of this energy they've got. After that we'll head to a lunch date, then a swim date with some school friends who've been out of town. YAY sun!

Tonight is dinner with our TN bff's, the Hawks. It's always a good time and they are leaving next week for a 10 day trip to Washington DC, NYC, & Boston. Anyway, as I plan to jump on a trampoline or two myself this morning, I actually put on a cute pair of army green shorts (if you knew me INR I typically wear skirts or dresses every day), a basic white tee, simple off-white sailors knotted flip flops and a pink headband. However, I do wish I had this adorable nautical headband to throw on today!

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kp said...

MM, get on that trampoline! How fun! I am packing for my horrible ride home. I am so sad to leave and wish I could stop in TN to visit. I am thinking in the Fall of doing another trunk show road trip, then I would come. How much fun would our trunk show be with the paper and jewels????? kit
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