12 June, 2009

Mii Cupcakes

I always try to make a fun cupcake to bring to school for the entire class when it's one of the mini's birthday's. And since the boys are really into the wii, *cougharen'tweall* I thought it would be fun to come up with a mii themed cupcake for mini #1's birthday in February.

In a perfect world, I would be talented enough to whip something like these together...

photo: Bakerella via Flickr

However, this is by no means a perfect world and as such, this was the best I was able to do. Cute, simple, and a HUUUUUUGE hit with the kids at school. To make it even more fun, I kept them a surprise and didn't even tell mini #1. I even did mii cupcakes for his teachers.

What You Need
-Your Favorite cupcake recipe
-Avery Label 5294, 2.5" round printer labels
-Sprinkles of your choice

1) Bake your cupcakes and let cool.

2) Meanwhile, go online to this site, and create a mii for each person you're making a cupcake for.

3) Either "Print Screen" and copy to Photoshop or Paint for each individual mii, or use a program like Jing (I recommend Jing) to save each mii you create.

4) Once you've created and saved a mii for each cupcake, open your word processing program with the layout for the Avery Label template, and insert each mii into two circles. The reason each mii needs to have 2 circles/labels is because you will need a front and back.

5) Print up your labels.

6) Your final step is sticking 2 labels together, back-to-back, with the toothpick in between so they are ready to be inserted into your cupcakes.

7) Ice and decorate your cupcakes, stick in your mii's and they are ready to go!

*NOTE* If you are doing a fair amount of cupcakes, then I suggest putting each person's name on the shirt of their mii. This can be done once you've inserted them into the label template, before printing up, but adding a text box and making the outline and filling invisible.


Torch Lake Prep said...

This is awesome !! My kids are going to love this. thanks for sharing.

debra said...

What a CUTE idea!!

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