24 November, 2008

Cut It Out

We are in full Thanksgiving prep mode here at the Monogram's (and by "we" I really mean me). As with every year since we moved away from our family, we host Thanksgiving and do a deep fried Turkey and lots of fabulous sides. Some traditional, some not so traditional. For instance, this year, Paula Dean's fried bacon mashed potatoe's will be on the table (no standard ole boring mashed potatoes for us!). But have I ever shared with you the correct way to cut a turkey? I don't think so, so here you go, just in case...

1. Place the chicken or the turkey (any size) on a cutting board with a trough to catch the juices. Cut through the crispy skin that connects the leg and the breast and slice down, pulling the thigh away from the bird. Continue until you reach the joint and cut through it to separate the leg.

2. Carve off the breast meat in one piece: Slide the knife along one side of the breastbone, as close to the bone as possible. Cut the breast off the carcass.

3. Place the breast meat on the cutting board and thinly slice. Transfer the meat to a platter (not shown).

4. Place the leg on the board and cut through the joint between the thigh and drumstick. Transfer to the platter. Detach the wing where it connects to the bird. Transfer it to the platter, then repeat steps on the other side.

Source: Real Simple