19 December, 2007

No More Mantle Angst

I think I mentioned last year how much anxiety decorating the mantle for the holidays gives me. I’m talking full blown panic attack here. And every year, no matter what I do, I am never satisfied with what I’ve done. But do you know what? I think I finally figured it out this year. This is the first year I actually love what I’ve done, and in the process of decorating the mantle, I bought all new garland for the entry foyer stairs and balcony.

Here’s the mantle before the stockings were hung. I fell in love with a ribbon garland I showed you guys last year, and was dead set on duplicating it in my own home this year. I have to admit, it is really beautiful in person. I used an olive sort of bronze colored taffeta wired ribbon that really changes and moves with the light, a white and gold gossamer, a multi-hued pink and red wired silk ribbon, and a basic narrow white ribbon. I love my end result, and I am already planning on multiplying my ribbon garlands throughout the house next year as well in all my oversized entryways.

The garland in the entry foyer is all new. I moved away from the traditional frasier fir garland and bought 48 feet of this magnolia leaf garland with gold and red berries. The leaves are every so lightly sprayed with a sheer sort of gold paint so they really glisten and glimmer without actually looking too gold. I also added lights through the garland so it would really shine at night. Next year I'll probably add a ribbon garland to this as well.

Tomorrow I've got another crafty post for you guys, and will probably hop on as well on friday with more things. Yesterday I was busy making a lamb costume for the Christmas program at mini #1's school, so that pretty much occupied my entire day. If I never see another bag of cotton batting it will be too soon. ;-)


Elizabeth H. said...

Did the Christmas program feature any jazz hands?

Monogram Momma said...

LOL. Sadly, no jazz hands. There were some other new hand motions I've never seen but no jazz hands. They were all so darn cute in their little stable animal costumes!!

KK said...

I love everything in my house except the mantle! I may need to try ribbon garland next year! Everything looks cute, as always.

Monogram Momma said...

See, the mantle is an issue for everyone! Take some comfort in knowing that, KK. I think I might add some pinecones with ribbon on mine next year too.