17 July, 2007

Lilybella Boutique Christmas in July

It's days like these when I'm particularly glad that I remain anonymous and you a) don't know what I look like b) don't know where I live and c) don't know my real name. Why, you ask? Because otherwise it would be too simple for you or your significant others to hunt me down for helping you spend more money on cute little monogrammed goods that you simply must have.

Which brings us to the discount I'm pleased as punch to pass along to you guys today! Lilybella, the cutest little online boutique, is having a Christmas in July sale through the 21st for all it's customers and this is most exciting because they only have 3 sales per year. So as the sale suggests, start stocking up for Christmas, girls! You will also want to keep checking back to their site because they will be having plenty of freebies and drawings throughout the week to celebrate.

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suburban mom said...

Ooh, such cute stuff!