09 January, 2007

Help Needed

No, I'm not placing a Want Ad. Well, ok. Maybe I sort of am. Here's what I'm looking for...

A loyal monogram momma reader emailed me a request that I simply can not do on my own. Yes, that's right. Hence, the "Help Needed" notice above. So I now need the help of my fabulously creative and responsive readers to help out a fellow reader. And well, help out monogram momma because I have been wracking my brain for DAYS over this, literally writing all sorts of brainstorming lists, and I keep coming up with ZERO. So here are the specifics.

Reader J has just moved into a new abode. So since she was too busy unpacking boxes during the holidays, she decided, very cleverly I might add, to have a housewarming/Chinese New Year party. Like I said, clever, right? I mean, talk about a built in theme! So she's got all her decorations, food, linens and dishes figured out, but she's missing the key ingredient. The invitation. She needs help coming up with cute/creative/clever wording for her invitation. So there you have it.

Can you please help out a fellow reader and make any comments or suggestions as to how she should word her invitations? Any and all suggestions welcome since again, neither one of us has been able to come up with anything creative at all!

Now, in case this will help, here are a few things I've brainstormed that might help you put something together...

chinese new year
new house
fortune cookie
good luck
year of the dog
food is ready, paper things al hung
Ni Hao 4707
New Year, a New Home!
Fortunes and Food
chopsticks & Rice

P.S. I'll be back with a preppy project later on! Would you believe I'm still vacuming pine needles and moving furniture back around? Grrrrrrrrrrrr.


the preppy princess said...

I love "A New Year, A New Home"...short and sweet.

Susan D said...

Out with the old, in with the new.

A new year, a new home... a Chinese New Year housewarming seems the thing to do.

Please join me/us here (address) on this very date (date of party), for festivities, fortunes and food! It will be great!

Ok - not sure if I like all of what I wrote, but I do love the party theme! What fun! You could do some very simple fortune cookie invites with the message on the "fortune" or simple asian inspired flowers. Best of luck!

ElleBee said...

OK, imagine this:

Square invitation with a picture of a fortune cookie centered on the front. The fortune coming out of the cookie reads: "Good homes are blessed with good friends."

The inside of the invitation reads:

We invite you to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Ni Hao 4707, with us in our new home.


Celebratory food, drink and chopsticks will be provided

preppypineapple said...

I think I'm going to move & have a Chinese New Year party just so I can use these great invite ideas!
You have sharp readers!!

Susan said...

I don't have any ideas for the wording, but I've seen giant fortune cookies that you have customized with your own fortune, which would make a neat invitation!