30 November, 2006

I Want One!

This is totally unrelated to Christmas and I'll be back with another one or two posts today, but seriously, how adorable is this sweater? Say it with me Moms: NO MORE LOST MITTENS! And I don't even have to tell you how cute that little ascot looking knitted scarf is either.

Sold by Oeuf NYC, this little gem comes in additional snazzy colors like pink and turquoise. This is ingenious, simply ingenious!

Oh, and then there are these smart little mittens that are not only made to keep your hands warm, but to keep you in a constant hand holding position. I'm thinking these are perfect for trips into the grocery store so the mini's have a warm hand and I have a firm grasp!

HAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE these! These are SO SO cute but SO SO pricey that I'd not only make my kids wear them every day (hot or cold, mind you), but have to take a million pictures of them in these little Farm Friends!

1 Comment:

Preppy Rider said...

To die for adorable... I will have to add a few of these to my Baby Wish List.