08 October, 2006

How Was Your Weekend?

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend. Even though going back to my college alma mater for a big SEC football game might make me feel like a young college sorority girl again, looking cute as I did in my navy knee-length skort with navy Ralph Lauren v-neck layered with an orange crewneck t-shirt underneath and my favorite pair of flip flops, pearls, and my hair in a casual up-do, I most certainly can neither drink nor recover like a young co-ed from the days of yesteryear. Yes, my friends, those days are long gone. And too, I am afraid they have bid their farewell for Mr. Monogram as well, as he made the entire return trip from Auburn, Al to Atlanta, GA Saturday evening passed out in the front seat (worthy of note however, he really looked super cute in his navy Ralph Lauren shorts, orange Ralph Lauren shirt, and brown Cole Haan loafers though, even if he was slightly drooling from the excessive whiskey consumption). Of course, one he regained consciousness and we made our way back to my parents house after parting ways with prep school pal Kristi and her hubby Kevin, but alas the moment was short lived as he passed out again only to wake up around 9PM to kneel in prayer to the porcelain Gods. And let me just tell you, it takes quite a lot of alcohol for Mr. Monogram to feel, well, religious shall we say, in that manner, as he is a rather large guy at 6’4 with a broad athletic build. But anyway, there’s nothing that one of my mothers many “mystery pills” can’t cure (well that and a sack full of Krystals, but I digress) and a hangover is one of them so by Sunday evening we were feeling a little bit more like ourselves again.

So anyway, I thought you all might like a quick little re-cap. We had a fantastic time and who would have thought that in a stadium of roughly 90,000 (yes, that does say NINETY THOUSAND) people, I would literally run straight into a sorority sister of mine I hadn't seen in probably 10 years. It really is a small world after all!

Our mascot is Aubie. Aubie not only holds the reigning championship title of the best College mascot in the country (yes there really is such a title and yes, we Auburn Tigers are VERY proud that Aubie continues to carry this title, many times over), but he was also indicted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in August. But there is jealousy among the SEC mascots as you can see a Florida Gator and Alabama Elephant sporting "I wish I was Aubie" t-shirts. I found these gems in the bookstore but alas, Mr. Monogram did not want the mini monograms snuggling up to rival mascots, so they stayed right where you see them.

Fond memories of the scan tron, blue book, and #2 pencil. Good times, Good times.

Ah yes, preparing for the game. To ensure maximum SEC game time fun (or to dull the senses if your team is losing *coughLikeweDid*), it is very important to equally divide the bottle of bourbon into Ziploc bags (not the cheap generic kind either; if there ever is a time to spring for the zip-lock name, this is it), get all the air out to secure an ultra tight seal, fold the bag, then double bag it in a second air-tight zip-lock bag. Insert in your bra and off you go.

I spotted this cute trio all prepped out for the game and had to snap a shot. Another fine example of proper tailgating and football attire.

Remember: The shaker is not only necessary to cheer your team on to Victory while frantically waving it in the air, but is also of utter importance to mix your Beam and Coke in the stadium.

Picture proof from Saturday for anyone who doubted me that we do, indeed, get dressed up for football games. Here is a small zoomed shot into the student section. Notice all the proper preppy attire? Meanwhile, Mr. Monogram and I sat longingly looking over at the student section, questioning each other with rhetorical things like:
Me: Gosh, that was us over there a looooooooooooooong time ago, looking very cute for the game. (thinking to myself: I can’t believe we’re over in the grown up section now w/ two kids at home waiting for us)

Him: yeah, I looked good but I sure was hot in khaki pants a long sleeved button down and a tie (him thinking: God I would kill to still be over there in my size 36 khaki's with a date on my arm)

Me: Yeah well wearing panty hose and standing in a stacked heel for 3 hours wasn’t any picnic either

Him: I’ll give you that…. Still wish we were in the student section though, you?

Me: TOTALLY. (So much so I’d knock down a size 2 co-ed for her student ticket, but I'll just keep that little desperate fantasy to myself)

So how was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend - just what you needed :-)

Monogram Momma said...

Yes, princess, you know it was EXACTLY what I needed!

Anonymous said...

Warning, ridiculously long comment. (1)Okay, I went and looked at the pictures one of my friends who is an ADPi and I am seeing all these photos of people in blazers and pins! She told me they usually dress down for the tailgating, but got back and dress up for the games. Maybe my other friends are weird. Now that it's my final year at a school with no greek life ( Christian college - greek life is from satan I think) I get wistful and wish I had got to do something like that.
(2) Tennessee, what the heck! They have only played two teams worth anything at this point!
(3) Yeah, you may have Aubie, but we have the 104,079 seated stadium! (I looked up the offical number)And I don't think any song could top Rocky Top ;)

Anonymous said...

Bad weekend for both of our teams! :(

Tammy B said...

I'm glad you have fun at the game, but I didn't enjoy watching it on TV. My Auburn Tigers did not show up for the game. That section of guys in white button down shirts sure did bring back fond memories. I remember going to the games in a wool skirt and blazer, sitting in the student section with all the drunks. Oh what memories.

Amy G. said...

Ohhh, MM, I teared up reading your post! I spent many a Saturday in the Student Section, appropriately attired of course, and I'm so glad you posted pictures. It's great to see that the AU tradition keeps on going, and that as skanky as people dress these days, it doesn't fly in Tiger country. I still have a photo of my outfit from the first Iron Bowl ever played at Jordan Hare (Dec. 1989): orange turtleneck, navy v-neck sweater, navy & orange plaid wool skirt, and buff bucs with navy anklets...and of course the requisite orange & navy bow for the hair. There's nothing like an Auburn game! I went to a Va Tech game one time and the students were wearing tshirts and jeans--their team reflected their spirit, too. :) War Eagle! I'm glad you got to go, even though they didn't win.

Elizabeth H. said...

I went to LSU and can totally relate to your football posts. Ahhhh.....the days when I could drink myself sill and recuperate by eating a cheeseburger.

emma's pulse said...

What fun! I relate. Since we live in Austin, where I spent most of my undergraduate time, I get to vicariously experience some of the old life every time I drive in that direction.

Every year, I think I'm going to volunteer during Rush and watch the action from the other side. I never do. I need to kick my ass in gear next year.

Your photos and stories are always a treat :D

Monogram Momma said...

Amber lee: Where does ur friend go to school? If Auburn, no we never dressed down for tailgating then back up for the games because we go straight from tailgating to the game. ANd i LOL at your UT cracks!

Yes, Mrs. P, apparently BOTH of our teams took a BAD and complete unnecessary beating. Ugh.

Tammy & Amy: My fellow tigers, it was a HORRIBLE game! I drive 5 hours to see them LOSE when we're #2 in the NATION??? Anway, still so worth the trip and I was literally teary when we drove down College St. onto Campus. It's changed SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

University of Tennessee. I go to a very small college (930 students)so my SEC game watching live is limited. We have no football team and no greek life. We do have lots of singing...
I'll send you some pictures after I go take this exam.