08 September, 2006

Reader Requests: Monogramming

Well it's Friday and I've just dropped off mini monogram #1 at pre-school, and and working on potty training mini #2 today. Lord help me, this is probably the only thing that stinks about parenting (quite literally, I might add). Potty Training. Ughh. Anyhow, I've received lots of great questions lately so I'm pulling out a few reader requests today as I've got to rush upstairs and start brushing up on my "pee-pee dance" performance for mini #2. I know you're all envious, you don't even have to say it.

Allie writes:
Here is a question for you:
Where do you stand on the joint married monogram for things such as glassware and linens? I have always gone with the standard of the man's initials on glassware and the woman's on linens, but my husband thinks that we should use our joint monogram on things since we "jointly" own them.

Well Allie, here’s the deal. While I tend to follow the “old school” rules of monogramming (as briefly touched upon in last weeks post), truly anything goes in today’s world of monogramming. Believe you me, I have seen some pretty crazy monograms (such as people who give their kids like 5 names and can’t pick their favorite 3 for a monogram so they use ALL of them). But my thought is this: regarding glassware, if you are undecided to use a joint monogram when married, or to go with the old school man’s monogramming rule for glassware, then why not just use the single initial? It’s a nice clean look and you can dress it up a bit by placing two dots on either side of the initial or a design underneath. Both are really nice, although a tad more modern and can be passed down to other people (children) in the family someday. Our beer glasses have a single initial monogram and it looks very nice.

As for linens, often times you will find antique pillow cases where one has “his” monogram, and one has “her” monogram. But then the old school method as you mentioned is to use the woman’s monogram for linens. I prefer a joint monogram on linens because, as your husband mentioned, both of you are using them and you both jointly own them. After a quick walk through my house, I can tell you that pretty much everything in plain view that is monogrammed that we both use and own, has our joint monogram. But don’t expect to be seeing our joint monogram on say, one of my monogrammed bags or anything.

Next up, Josephine, and she writes:
I have a question for you. My last name is Italian, LoMedico. I usually use just the L in my monogram, but should I use both the L and M? How would that work in the traditional first name, maiden name, married name monogram?

You will be happy to know that monogram momma does indeed think you are monogramming correctly, Josephine! So don't worry about having to re-monogram all those bags sitting in your closet. I know this is a tricky question with a last name such as yours, or a name like O’Conner where there are basically two uppercase letters in the last name, where it’s sort of joined together. However, since the first letter of your last name is the “L” then yes, you use the “L” and not both of them. In some cases, some people prefer to do something like JLMB for their monogram if their name was like yours, but gerenally speaking, stick with the “L” and do not add the “M”. It's just too much.

So I hope that answers your questions, but if you've got any more, as always, post them here or pop me a quick email. I've had some great requests regarding gift giving so I will be sure to share those next week, and also have some other really fun stuff to share with you as well. Happy monogramming!


Erin said...

Allie's dilemma makes me grateful that my monogram is the same as our joint monogram...it makes everything so much easier!

ADP said...

Erin no worries it is not that big of a dilemma, just a silly thing between my husband and I. He purchased me some double old fashioned monogrammed glasses and didn't understand why I wanted his monogram on them since they were a present for me. You are lucky that you have the same though! It would be easier if I wasn't so partial to the 3 letter monogram versus the one initial.

Thanks for posting this MM, I love hearing everyone else's thoughts on this.

thepreppyprincess said...

I have this "thing" for old vintage European monogrammed items. When eBay was just a baby I purchased a small pillow cover with my first and last initials on it. It's one of my favorite things and I like that it has some history to it, knowing there was another "AP" that enjoyed it like I do.

I still look for the "AP" things from time to time. There is a seller on eBay called "Touch of Europe" that sells many of the old world monograms if you can find your initials!

Monogram Momma said...

Duhh. can't believe I forgot ebay! I have purchased several monogrammed "CM" antique linens from ebay as well. Great source for monogrammed table linens especially!