03 August, 2006

A Sling with Style

Well I certainly hope you all didn’t think I’d deserted you. I mean, I do like to think I have better manners than that. But unfortunately I have spent the better part of today waiting to get an x-ray at a Doctors office where quite frankly, there was no one else to wait on. So I left. Do they not know I’ve got a babysitter at home with the mini monograms and don’t have this entire calendar year to wait on a mere x-ray? Now, I know this isn’t very craft related and there certainly isn’t a “good thing” about endlessly waiting for an x-ray that I didn’t end up getting, all the while being stuck with Women’s Day magazines from 2005, but just bear with me.

Two weeks ago we actually had a day of rain, if you can believe that, and walking from the kitchen down the six steps into the garage, I completely slipped on the slippery wet stairs, and in an effort to catch myself from tumbling head first down the stairs and completely losing it, I grabbed onto the railing to my left and over-extended my arm as I, monogram momma, continued to gracefully slip down the stairs and land on my fanny. So for the first few days, you can imagine I was pretty sore. Especially my shoulder and arm. But I have continued to endure the pain and each day, wake up thinking if today is the day I will find relief and the shoulder and arm pain will magically go away. Well, fast forward to current day, and two weeks later it’s still there. So last night, while wincing in pain as I tried to even lift my arm to get into my cute Tommy Hillfiger green and white tennis racquet nightgown (this really is SO adorable, btw), Mr. Monogram diagnoses me with a torn rotator cuff. I’m sorry? I had no idea he’d received his medical degree, because I certainly would have liked to have been there. What an accomplishment for me to have missed! *rolling my eyes*

So clearly he thinks a lifetime of football injuries has earned him his right to diagnose any broken or torn or sore bone in my body. Whatever. So I begrudgingly decide to go have an x-ray today and because I couldn’t get into the “real” Doctor, I just decided to do a quick stop in the Doc-in-the-box. There is no such thing as a quick stop to see the Doc-in-the-box. And so, after two hours of waiting in the waiting room, when only one other person was there, I asked for my co-pay back and left. But while I was there, I did have one of my so-called “brilliant” creative ideas. As I’m was sitting there wondering how awful an arm sling was going to be and how I was going to make that “work” with all my pink and green, I tapped into my inner preppy and decided there is, after all, NOTHING that a monogram and a little grosgrain ribbon can’t fix! I mean, this could be a real market that has yet to be tapped into, no? So I hope when you see me out and about tomorrow with my prepped out arm sling, you’ll honk to say hello! Meanwhile, I'm going to leave you with this little clip, compliments of the preppy princess herself, as these guys too, look like they might soon be in need of one of my custom arm slings with that serve they're using!

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thepreppyprincess said...

Don't you hate those falls that are so stupid? My lovely and graceful aunt, the golf junkie fell of a step stool in her closet 2 years ago and missed half of the season with a shoulder injury or was it the ankle that time? Anyway,she was really boohooing.

Gotta love the monogrammed arm sling! Genius!